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Being A Successful Doctor And An Exemplary Mother At The Same Time Is Not Impossible

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by bart, Sep 7, 2019.

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    For many people, success can have many meanings. There are those who look for it in money, others in love, but for many women, success goes beyond the professional field.

    The belief that women who fulfill professional activities are unable to offer a good education to their children is increasingly broken. This idea is gradually becoming in the past because for many women being a mother does not exclude them from being successful and vice versa.

    Examples of moms who have developed in the professional field there are many. Therefore, if you are a doctor but at the same time you must work as a mother, here are some tips that will help you better manage your time and simplify your daily tasks:

    • Find a moment to think about how to organize all aspects of your life. It is very important that you assign moments for each thing. It is advisable to use an agenda to manage your time.

    • If you are an independent doctor, set schedules to dedicate them exclusively to work. Do the same to spend time solely for your children without being distracted by work earrings. Find the balance.

    • Get enough rest; this will help you get up the next day with well-recharged batteries. If possible, do not spend the night working.

    • If your children are still very young, ask a trusted family member or friend to help you take care of them while you go to work. Or if you wish, enroll them in a preschool and adjust your schedules to pick them up in the afternoon. Upon your return, ask your children how the day went. Communication with your children is very important.

    • Do not carry the full burden of responsibility; your partner should be involved in the education of your children. Lean on him to get ahead.

    • Housework is like having another job but without pay. If it is in your possibilities, hire someone you trust to help you with household chores. Don't forget that the time you spend with your family is worth gold.

    • So that your body does not suffer the ravages of the day, feed yourself healthy and drink enough water so that you feel the energy necessary to accomplish all your day's activities. If you feel stressed, take a hot bath and listen to the music you like best. Remember that to achieve your goals, you must feel good, both physically and mentally.

    • Before leaving home, give a hug and say goodbye affectionately to your children and your partner.


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