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BioSticker FDA Cleared For Month-Long Vitals Monitoring

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by In Love With Medicine, Feb 8, 2020.

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    BioIntelliSense, a Silicon Valley firm, won FDA clearance for its BioSticker wearable sensor and the company is also releasing its Data-as-a-Service platform. The BioSticker can track heart rate, respiratory rate, skin temperature, body position, sleep status, and activity levels, as well as provide a high-resolution gait analysis, fall detection, and can even spot certain symptomatic events that need to be reported. All this can be recorded for up to a continuous thirty days, providing physicians with an impressive set of data that can hold clues to patients’ diseases and conditions. The device is single-use and is disposed of after a patient is done wearing it.


    To help understand what is actually possible with access to so much data, BioIntelliSense is partnering with UCHealth (University of Colorado) and its CARE Innovation Center. Together, the organizations plan to create and validate novel approaches for managing patients using “data-driven care”.

    “The future of healthcare will see the lines blurred between the hospital, clinic and home,” said Dr. Richard Zane, UCHealth Chief Innovation Officer and Chair of Emergency Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, in a BioIntelliSense press release. “The use of the BioSticker device for continuous health monitoring enables us to monitor a patient in their home and recognize when a patient may have an exacerbation of illness even before they manifest symptoms. This may reduce hospitalizations, emergency department visits and shorten hospital stays, creating cost efficiencies for health systems.”

    “We are proud and excited to be working with the innovative teams at UCHealth and the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus,” said James Mault, MD, FACS, CEO of BioIntelliSense. “It is a remarkable collaboration and clinical proving ground for our continuous monitoring and predictive data services platform. UCHealth has made it possible for BioIntelliSense to rapidly accelerate the development of our technology, as well as optimize its clinical validation.”

    Here’s a video from Colorado’s KOAA TV station about the BioSticker and its implementation at UCHealth:


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