Breast Implants Nightmare: Woman Suffers From Blurred Vision, More After Cosmetic Enhancement

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    Recently, a woman posted on social media why she decided to have her breast implants removed following the year that she had them done. According to her, it was because she started developing troubling symptoms shortly after they have been implanted.


    Breast Implant Woes

    Living in Australia, Alivia Celio recently revealed her pain, as well as spread awareness from what might happen given that someone makes the same decision as her, on Instagram.

    “I’m not one to post my personal life on social media, but when it comes with the chance of helping others and spreading awareness, I will. This year following has been extremely hard for me. I’ve experienced brain fog, debilitating fatigue, nausea, blurred vision, severe hormone imbalances, gut health issues, joint pain, heart palpitations, breathing difficulties, rashes and often felt as if I couldn’t cope with life. The whites of my eyes were red and my face was always swollen. I’ve suffered mental health issues which have drastically taken over my life,” she wrote in a fairly long Instagram post.

    According to her, it first started with a simple blood test, where the doctor said that managing her stress levels is the best course of action. However, her symptoms continued to worse, prompting her to undergo further testing to find out what’s happening. It was then revealed that her body is actually experiencing an autoimmune response and that antibodies were attacking her healthy cells as a defense mechanism for any disease.

    She then found out that other women has experienced the same issues, and even called it ‘breast implant illness.’ Unfortunately, it’s yet to be diagnosed as an actual medical condition. Furthermore, although the FDA has already made steps in researching about the diagnosis, the reason behind it remains fairly unknown, or at the very best, ‘poorly understood.’

    Breathing Again

    Last October, Celio flew to Ohio to have the implants removed, claiming that once it was gone, she can finally breathe again.

    “I’m learning to love my body, embrace it and not be so critical of myself,” she said in the same post.


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