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Britain Faces Total Coronavirus Lockdown Like Italy In 14 Days With Pubs Shut And Sport Suspended

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    Doctors have today warned Britain faces a coronavirus lockdown like Italy in 14 days with pubs shutting and sporting events being suspended.

    The whole of Italy is in lockdown with travel and public gatherings banned as the number of deaths soared past 450.

    Top medical professionals now fear thousands of Brits will get sick and officials will be forced to take drastic measures in a desperate bid to control the killer bug outbreak.

    Just two weeks ago Italy had fewer coronavirus cases than Britain, but doctors are now concerned the UK will also have to place the whole nation under quarantine after two more people died yesterday - taking the toll to five.

    There are currently 321 confirmed cases in Britain however more infections are expected to be declared later today.

    Italy currently has the highest number of confirmed cases outside of China at 9,172 and its death toll stands at 463.

    Dr Sarah Wollaston, the former MP and chair of the Commons Health Committee said the coming months would be tricky.

    "I think we could be in the same position as Italy within a few weeks," she said.

    And Francois Balloux, of the University College London Genetics Institute, said the UK may have to use a lockdown strategy "similar" to the one in Italy.

    He said: “The trajectory in the UK is so far roughly comparable to the one in northern Italy, but with the epidemic [there] two to three weeks ahead of the situation [here].

    “It is possible that a lockdown strategy similar to the one imposed in northern Italy may be adopted by the UK. The Covid-19 epidemic cannot be contained any more.”

    Doctor-turned-author Adam Kay is predicting Britain to be on lockdown in a fortnight.

    He added: “Fourteen days ago, Italy had fewer coronavirus cases than we do today. They employed similar public health measures to us.

    A lockdown strategy similar to the one imposed in northern Italy may be adopted by the UK. The Covid-19 epidemic cannot be contained any more.

    Francois Balloux
    “Unless I’m missing something, this is us in a fortnight.”

    UCL scientist Mark Handley posted a graph on Twitter which shows Britain, Germany, France, Spain and the US are all following the same trajectory as Italy.

    He said: "Everyone else will be like Italy in 9-14 days time."

    In Italy, people will only be able to move between cities for emergency reasons and can face fines and up to three months in prison for breaking quarantine rules.

    All public events have been banned, cinemas, gyms, discos and pubs closed, funerals and weddings cancelled and sporting matches including Serie A games suspended.

    Checkpoints on motorways, toll booths, train stations and airports are expected to be introduced on Tuesday.


    Dr Jenny Harris, deputy chief medical officer, fears thousands of Brits will be infected over the next week.

    She said: “The chief medical officer and chief scientific adviser say there’s likely to be more cases.

    “We will have significant numbers in the way that the country is not used to.

    “We will see many thousands of people infected by coronavirus, that’s what we’re seeing in other countries.

    “Make sure elderly and those with underlying conditions get into hospital and get treatment.

    “Sporting events outside, important for people to understand that in an open air environment, you’re out in the open, that reduces the life length of the virus, the risk drops.

    “Stand two metres apart if you want to reduce the risk."

    We will see many thousands of people infected by coronavirus, that’s what we’re seeing in other countries.

    - Dr Jenny Harris


    Mass gatherings and large events could soon be banned in Britain.

    Organisers of the London Marathon, which takes place on April 26, are closely monitoring the situation and cancellation fears are growing.

    All St Patrick's Day parades in Ireland have been cancelled in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus.

    The UK's biggest Daffodil Festival - which sees 10,000 people from the UK visit the tiny village of Thriplow, Cambs, each year - has also been called off.


    Coronavirus is already pummeling Britain's pubs - with customer footfall down by almost a third.

    UK Hospitality chief Kate Nicholls revealed last week's Downing Street response to Covid-19 saw customers stay away in their droves.

    Pubs and clubs have not been officially closed but the Government may soon follow Italy and ban punters from their local boozers, cinemas and nightclubs.


    The Six Nations clash between France and Ireland has joined England vs Italy in being axed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

    In Italy, Juventus' 2-0 win over rivals Inter Milan was played behind closed doors and Chelsea's Champions League match against Bayern Munich in Germany is also set to be played in an empty stadium.

    The Premier League could follow other nations and cancel matches or play games behind closed doors.


    British Airways this morning announced it has cancelled all flights to and from Italy which were scheduled today.

    The airline confirmed it has contacted all customers who are due to travel on Tuesday after the country was put on lockdown.

    Other airlines have also cancelled flights to countries other than Italy because of a reduced demand.


    It comes after any Brit with a cold, cough, sniffle or fever will be told to stay at home for a week to help halt the spread of the disease.

    The dramatic step is set to be taken in around ten days’ time as the killer bug threatens to explode in the UK.

    Brits were put on alert for self- isolation yesterday as two more people died — taking the UK toll to five.

    Officials claim the stay at home measure could slash the peak number of cases by half and protect the NHS from being overwhelmed.

    They predict it will reduce the number of vulnerable Brits killed by the virus by up to 30 per cent — potentially saving thousands of lives.

    The latest UK victims were both in their 70s and had underlying health conditions. One died at the Royal Wolverhampton Hospital, the other at St Helier Hospital, South London.

    So far, 319 people in Britain have tested positive for coronavirus.

    Professor Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, predicted that cases will soon increase “quite fast”.

    Speaking at a Downing Street briefing, he warned that the nation is “in the early days of the epidemic”.

    He added: “We are now very close to the time, probably within the next ten to 14 days, when the modelling would imply we should move to a situation where everybody with even minor respiratory tract infections or a fever should be self-isolating for a period of seven days.”

    The move could see millions forced to self-isolate without testing.

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson last night called on those feeling unwell to take time off in the “national interest” — and help protect the most vulnerable. He said: “That is normal and common-sensical.

    “There is no hiding from the fact that the coronavirus outbreak will present significant challenges for the UK just as it does in other countries.

    “But if we continue to look out for one another, to pull together in a united and national effort, I have no doubt we can and will rise to that challenge.”


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