Bulletproof Coffee: 3 Shocking Side Effects

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    Many people on paleo and low-carb diets and those just trying to have a healthy morning have been trying the Bulletproof coffee. It mainly promises to provide good amount of calories to support weight loss.


    However, there is no scientific backing behind this beverage. Some experts also warned that it may have some unwanted effects if consumed as part of a daily routine.

    This new coffee product came from the Bulletproof Diet maker Dave Asprey. He encourages people to replace breakfast with a mixture of brewed coffee, grass-fed unsalted butter and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil.

    The Bulletproof coffee has been gaining more attention among the weight loss community. However, experts said that people should know its long-term effects before changing their diets to add the product.

    Potential Bulletproof Coffee Side Effects

    Increased Disease Risks

    Bulletproof coffee contains high levels of saturated fat. High intake of this unhealthy fat can increase bad cholesterol in the body. Experts said it could increase the risk of developing certain diseases, such as heart problems, according to Healthline.

    Cuts Essential Nutrients

    As you get more saturated fat and bad cholesterol, drinking Bulletproof coffee may reduce important nutrients in the body. The beverage is an unhealthy substitute for a meal during breakfast.

    The MCT oil used in the coffee is a refined and processed fat that lacks essential nutrients. Experts said replacing breakfast with Bulletproof coffee could cut your total nutrient intake by about one-third.

    Higher Cholesterol Levels

    Another potential side effect of Bulletproof coffee is sudden increase in cholesterol levels. Previous research suggested the butter added to the beverage could contribute to higher bad cholesterol levels.

    Another study in the United Kingdom found that consumption of at least 50 grams of butter each day for four weeks could significantly boost cholesterol. A different research team in Sweden said that in people with excess weight, butter may raise bad cholesterol by 13 percent.

    Despite these negative effects, Bulletproof coffee can still promote good health. Just combine it with a healthy meal to maintain proper nutrition and lower disease risks.


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