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Burn in Medicine.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mena Moner, Oct 10, 2017.

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    How to avoid burning sensation without water?

    It’s a confusing problem from which many people complain because it causes pain and uncomfortablitiy.

    Scientists have many trials to avoid this sensation, but first we have to explain the cause of it.


    Stomach is connected to esophagus through an opening called cardiac opening which is closed by a valve , during sleep the posture of the body is flat so the food and fluids in the stomach return back to press on the valve and enter the esophagus , but what cause sensation !?

    The food and fluids are combined with HCL, hydrochloric acid in the stomach to fasten process of digestion so when HCL enter to the esophagus it causes burning sensation as it an acid and it is called Gasrtoesophageal Disease (GERD).

    Studies proved that sleeping over your left side decreases this sensation because lying on your right side makes the stomach up to its position and that makes the acid leaks. But when you sleep on your left side the gravity helps you to avoid this sensation.

    So from now you should sleep on your left side to make your life better and your sleep quiet.

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