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Can't breath through nose solution

Discussion in 'Otolaryngology' started by Dr.Night, Jan 9, 2012.

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    You would be surprised at how many people in the world can't breath normally through nose. This can be big problem preventing people from sleeping normally, and in some cases even blowing up nose presents very big problem. A lot of different factors can be the cause for heavy breathing through nose. I will name some them. First of all this could be sign of some allergy so I would definitely suggest visiting allergy specialist to see whether you're perhaps allergic to something that prevents you from breathing normally. In some cases you may need to clear your sinuses, especially if your septum is deviated (this condition can happen if your now was broken one or more times). In some cases panic attacks can also cause problems with not being able to breath normally through nose, and in this case all you can do is try to relax and wait for panic attack to end or use some anti-anxiety medications.

    In any case if situation isn't improving with time you should definitely ask for medical assistance. First step is in many cases CT scan of the sinuses to see whether they are at fault for this problem. If this is the problem then doctor will give you some medications like antibiotics, or try some other options to clear your sinuses. In many cases doctors prescribe some nasal sprays that do the job in most cases, usually in combination with oral antihistamine medications.

    For the ones that can't sleep normally at night because of this problem I've heard plenty of good opinions about breathe right strips but in any case make sure to consult your doctor about possible negative side effects. There are not many things worse compared to waking up at 3 am with totally stuffed nose that you could not sleep.

    Normal procedure should look as follows: after going to doctor doctor will prescribe some medications for you, in some serious cases it will ask you to visit allergy specialist right away, and sometimes after a while to see how are prescribed medications doing. If doctors find out that your nasal polyps are the ones responsible for shortage of your breath they will in some cases recommend you surgical removal of polyps. But sadly surgical removal of polyps isn't the right solution in all cases because they could come back if you suffer from some allergies so sometimes doctors try rather to shrink polyps by using some drugs like Lidocaine and Dexamethasone. If sinus infection is the cause then antibiotics will do the trick in most cases. In any case the most important thing to do when you can't breath through nose is going to doctor and do breathing test so doctor can narrow down possible cause and select appropriate treatment.

    Nose breathing is more important than breathing through mouth because nose breathing imposes approximately 50 percent more resistance to the air stream in normal individuals than does mouth breathing, resulting in 10-20 percent more O2 uptake, which makes work of lungs much more efficient.

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    Can't breath through nose solution | Secrets of Healthy Life

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