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Causes Of Headache

Discussion in 'General Practitioner' started by Egyptian Doctor, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Headaches can cause many work delays and sometimes can affect our quality of live. Sometimes headaches are caused by medical conditions and sometime in can be caused by what we eat and even how we sit. These are the fifteen causes of headaches that often causes us headaches:

    Emotional Tense
    Too much work burden often triggers the sensation in the head. The fact is, all things which rise tension and stress will make us easier being attacked by headache or migraine. Headache caused by the emotional tension is called functional headache or tension headache. The symptoms started with muscle tense at the neck muscle, shoulders and head because of emotional stress. The pain usually starts from the back of the head, travel to the front, then to the both sides of head. Light massage to those areas can lessen the headache, but after some time it will come back.

    Hormonal Change
    Headache caused by hormonal changes usually come in the form of headache in one side of the head. Generally this headache is felt harder than tension headache. Migraine sufferers in female are three times more compared to male. The main cause is hormonal change.

    Hot Air
    Increased in air temperature often causes migraine or heavy headache. In a study it is known that 7.5 percents of respondents have headache during hot air or hot weather.

    Too Strong Odor or Smell
    Have you ever felt dizzy when you smell a perfume? Strong odour, even the good one, generally causes dizziness. It is still not known why this happens, but scientists guess that the strong aroma stimulate the nervous system. Beside perfumes, paint odors, flower aromas, or dust, often causes the throbbing sensation in your head.

    Hair Accessories
    The way we treat our hair can affect our head. Tying hair too tightly can make the skin tissues on the head to be in tense and invites headache. A too tight hat or hairpin could give the same effect.

    Heavy Sports
    Too heavy sport activities, including sexual intercourse, also can cause headache. Too much physical activities can make the blood vessels in the neck and head to swell and pressured. Headaches because of sex or sports are easier to attack peoples who suffer migraine.

    Poor or Bad Body Posture
    It is not just sports that can cause stress on the neck muscles and the head, body postures that forms from our daily routines also can rise headache. You can say it either sitting with bent shoulders, sitting without leaning, watching the computer monitor at a too high or too low position or cradling your phone between your ear and shoulder. If these cause you to get a headache, it is time to fix your daily body postures.

    This headache often emerges as an effect from an accident, even after only a small injury happened at the head. The sensation sometimes emerges after weeks, or months after injury and can last for a year after the traumatic incident.

    The trigger of half side of the head headache, alias migraine, are most often are cheese, including cheddar, blue cheese, mozzarella and parmesan. The cause is tyramine, which is formed from broken protein, which occurs in cheese. The longer a food or drink processing is, the more tyramine it will contain.

    Red Wine
    Tyramine also can be found in red wine and alcoholic drinks. Alcohol content inside the drink will also increase the blood flow to the brain, and causes dizziness.

    Postponing Lunch
    Empty stomach because of not having lunch at some people often causes headache. Beside dizziness, empty stomach also makes blood sugar to decrease, causing the body to feel weak. Always have your lunch with a balance diet. Avoid consuming sweet foods, such as chocolate or sweet to fill your empty stomach. Sugar from sweet foods will make the blood sugar level to spike for then to decline again even lower.

    This disturbance often comes with symptoms like runny nose, watery eyes and painful throat. The emergence can be raised by certain foods or whatever that can cause the allergy.

    Smoking and Cigarette
    Smoking is on the list of causes of headache, not only to the person that smoke the cigarette, but also the passive smokers around him or her. The nicotine content will causes the blood vessel to shrink, and the result is blood flow to the brain decreases.

    People who often get headache are usually be friended with coffee. Caffeine can be a friend and also foe. The fact, some of headache medications contain caffeine inside them. On the other side, caffeine also can cause headache.

    Sinus Problem
    Sinus headache can be easily known from it symptoms. One or both blocked nostril and itchiness spreading to the cheek and brow. Those areas are so sensitive up until a touch will constantly feels itchy.
    Those are the fifteen causes of headache. Among them there are some that you may not be aware of and can cause extreme headache. Therefore, the most important thing is to constantly look after your body condition so it will always be fit by having a healthy lifestyle from now on. When headaches constantly happen and cannot be treated by your usual headache medication, it is good for you to get your doctor

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