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Challenges Facing Physicians

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yousey El Shafey, Oct 15, 2019.

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    Physicians may be a cause of ending many patients suffers, and some people look to physician as mercy angles. some people think that physicians have no suffers. Here we will focus on some challenges facing physicians.

    Doctors may spend a lot of time inside the work, especially surgeons, emergency doctors, some surgeons stay standing up more than eight hours in operation theaters, some residents may stay awake up for more than seventy two hours. This causes physical fatigue, in addition to mental fatigue in the follow-up of each case. So it is one of big challenges facing physicians.

    Spending time in non-clinical tasks

    Using of modern technology such as electronic health records have a positive effect on health processes, but not all physician have the ability to deal with these techniques. Also some physician feel that is a way of wasting time as it will decrease the time of main job which is patient follow up. These physician think that the data entry and paperwork are not their job.

    Dealing with insurance companies
    Another challenge facing physicians that are spending too much time in prior authorizations and non-clinical paperwork.
    physicians consider themselves more aware of the patient cases and how to deal with them. so some doctors feel bad from insurance companies when they them what they should do.

    The problem of low salaries
    As a result of low salary from government work, the doctors have to resort to private work, whether outpatient clinics, or private hospitals to secure enough income for their needs. All this makes them under terrible psychological pressure and high physical stress. They may choose to travel abroad, and here with the fact that high income, they become dispersed between alienation and return to home. Some consider that problem is the biggest challenge facing physicians.

    Disrespect from patients
    this is a result of two factors. first, the moral imperative of people began to decrease and mutual respect starts to disappear. secondly, Information revolution and social media which decrease the gap between physicians and patients.

    Endless comparisons
    Physician lives a life of comparison with others, since he was a student in various years of education until he reaches to become a doctor, then comparison with his colleagues. This forms stress along with the working stress itself.

    What physician should do to come over challenges facing them?
    1. Do your best in your work, but don’t forget your family. Spend more time with them, enjoying with them in vacations, short travels.

    2. Let your body to take rest, this rest is not wasting time but you need this to restart with actively mood.
    3. Try to attend family events, this will give you the power to complete in your life with vitality and activity

    4. Physicians should have the experience of what insurance companies requirements, so they can prepare all documents, clearing the diagnosis, the treatment plane, medications, this will decrease the wasting time by asking for details

    5. Physicians should avoid non-clinical tasks like data entry and paperwork, they should delegate these to non-clinical staff members

    6. Physicians should not put the money in their first target, too much money does not mean too much happens

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