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Changes You Can Expect After Losing 100 Pounds

Discussion in 'Dietetics' started by Egyptian Doctor, Oct 3, 2013.

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    I've lost over 100 pounds in the last 23 weeks. Because I'm losing it so fast, it's a lot for me to process. Psychologically, I sometimes feel like I haven't lost anything at all. Physically, however, the changes are undeniable. The following is a short list of some of the most dramatic changes that I've noticed:

    Less Pain, More Energy

    You don't realize how much pain you're in or how much harder things are when you're heavier. This was the first change that I noticed. There was a huge increase in energy after the first few weeks. And, as the months zoomed on by, that energy would only continue to build. I began to feel lighter and more bouncy. Gravity became less harsh. The pain in my joints began to lessen and eventually diminish completely. I used to wake up with swollen ankles. This made getting up and out of bed extremely difficult because I was instantly in pain. Showering and getting ready for the day was a huge chore that would leave me exhausted -- so I rarely put much of an effort into it.

    After losing all this weight, though, my ankles never swell. My joints never hurt. I wake up for the day feeling energized, without any need for caffeine. I put a lot more effort into my hygiene and appearance as well.

    Healthier Hair and Skin

    My complexion has cleared up. I rarely get acne anymore, and if I do, it's usually because of something I ate on my cheat day. My skin feels so soft now. The keratosis pilaris, a skin condition involving lots of tiny little bumps, on the backs of my arms is starting to resolve. Also, I haven't had a psoriasis outbreak, another skin disease, since I've made these big changes to my diet.

    Before I began this lifestyle change, my hair was in very bad condition. I had been sick with a massive tumor, which had sucked the life force out of me. My hair could no longer hold a curl, although I've always had naturally curly hair, and it had also started to turn gray prematurely. Additionally, I was losing a lot of hair. I was afraid that I was going to go bald. But when I started to lose the weight, that all changed. My hair started to thicken up again and the curls have returned. The grays are started to reverse and I've already grown several inches since I started my weight loss journey. My locks are now luscious and silky.

    Easier Digestion

    When I was eating all of the wrong kinds of foods, I had some huge gastrointestinal issues. I constantly had to go to the bathroom with painful, and often acidic, bowel movements. Diarrhea was a big problem for me. Embarrassingly loud flatulence was another embarrassing side effect of my poor diet. Again, that all changed when I started eating right and working out. I rarely, if at all, have gas anymore. My bowel movements are few and far between. They are also no longer painful. My body is using all that it can, with little waste to spare.

    Better Immune System

    Being that I was in the beginning stages of developing uterine cancer before I started my lifestyle change, I was always sick. But, after I started to drop the pounds, that went away. I feel strong and healthy. I am strong and healthy. I've only gotten somewhat ill twice since April. Both minor illnesses resolved quickly, on their own, without medication.


    Written by : Heather Silvey

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