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Coffee and Nescafe Rules While Studying

Discussion in 'Medical Students Cafe' started by Egyptian Doctor, Oct 16, 2019.

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    1- Coffee or Nescafe will never convert you from someone who does not want to study into someone who wants to study; it depends completely on your motivations and on your plans.

    2- If you are about to sleep, this is not a suitable time to drink coffee or Nescafe as you will be alert for short duration then you will sleep and the effect of coffee or Nescafe on your sleep is not favorable so at the end you will study for short duration and you will have a bad sleep that negatively affects your productivity in the next day.

    3- When you feel motivated to study and you have at least 3-4 hours to study, this is the perfect timing of coffee or Nescafe as it will increases your alertness and helps you to study more in less time.

    4- In addition to increasing alertness, coffee or Nescafe enhances your short term memory, concentration, focus and also you mood while studying.

    5- Plan what you are going to study and make a schedule for it before drinking coffee or Nescafe and before studying, coffee or Nescafe may elevates your mood to a degree at which you leave your studying and start overthinking or doing other activities.

    6- It is preferred that you do not eat too much and you do not be too hungry before drinking coffee or Nescafe and studying, some people get sleepy after eating and drinking coffee or Nescafe instead of getting alert, also some people gets nervousness and anxiety when they drink coffee or Nescafe while hungry.

    7- Avoid coffee or Nescafe the night before exam, your brain and body will be exhausted under the effect of coffee or Nescafe the night before exam, yes you will study more but you will have withdrawal effects during the real thing which will certainly affects your grades.

    8- It is important to understand how caffeine affects your body, if you become so nervous or anxious after drinking coffee or Nescafe so it is better to avoid both of them before the exam too same as the night before the exam.

    9- Effect of caffeine depends on the person and also depends on the product itself, for example a Red Bull bottle contains too much caffeine and also Taurine which makes it more effective/more side effects too than a cup of coffee for most of people but it depends again on the person himself.


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