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Comparison Of Drugs Dysport And Botox

Discussion in 'Plastic Surgery' started by Margaret1994, Jun 2, 2021.

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    Women are ready to fight for beauty throughout life. However, the tactics in the early years is fundamentally different from the methods of combat after 40 years. The older the woman, the more effort is required to preserve the natural attractiveness. Fortunately, in today’s world there are many ways to keep the outgoing youth. One of them is the botulinum toxin-based drug “Botox”. Speaking of it, people always understand that we are talking about injections that eliminate facial wrinkles on the face. In addition to Botox, there is another drug that has a similar principle of action – Dysport. Both products are widely used in cosmetology. They help remove wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes and lips, and smooth out the strands on the neck. But there are some differences in their composition and action. To understand which remedy is better, we will consider both drugs in detail.

    Botox and Dysport: description of drugs
    Botox is a product of the American company Allergan. Botox became the first major brand to make a cosmetic procedure widespread. A little later, a French analogue appeared: Dysport, which is produced by the Ipsen company. It is based on the same active ingredient – botulinum toxin.

    The main difference between the two drugs Botox and Dysport lies in the use of different transport proteins that deliver botulinum toxin to the muscle, and in the fact that botulinum toxin in Botox and Dysport have different units of measurement. Precisely because Botox and Dysport are produced in different units of measurement, it is impossible to compare them by this parameter. Botox is almost 3 times more expensive per unit, but fewer units are needed. Therefore, the total cost of Dysport and Botox to achieve the same result is almost the same.

    Each drug has its own minor characteristics. But in general, both Botox and Dysport have long been successfully used in cosmetology, having proven their safety and effectiveness. An experienced doctor will successfully administer any of the drugs.

    The difference between drugs from each other
    Botox has the following characteristics:

    · Bottle of 100 units.

    · The first effect becomes noticeable 2-5 days after injections, and increases within two weeks.

    · For most people, it lasts 2-4 months.


    · Bottle of 300 or 500 units.

    · The first effect becomes noticeable 2-5 days after injections, and increases within two weeks.

    · In most patients, a longer effect is observed – 3-6 months, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism.

    Dysport is allowed to eliminate age-related changes in the skin of the face. It is also used to eliminate sweating on the body, to treat diseases of the central nervous system, and to regulate muscle work.

    It is also worth noting that the effectiveness of the drug depends on the individual characteristics of each person. There are people who are more sensitive to a botulinum toxin called Botox, and there are people who are more susceptible to a botulinum toxin called Dysport. According to the statistics of the Esthetic Club network, after injections with Dysport, most patients have a longer, persistent and beautiful effect.

    What to choose: Botox or Dysport?
    To make the right choice, you need to come to the clinic for an examination by a cosmetologist. The cosmetologists will conduct an examination, take anamnesis, assess the type of skin, the number and depth of facial wrinkles.

    Remember! Due to the fact that drugs are measured in different units, the number of units of each drug per area will be different. Even if the patient has chosen one of the remedies on his own, it is still worth getting a consultation before performing the procedure. Each case is different.


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