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Corona: Lombardy,Italy Recruits Foreign Doctors To Work There Immediately Without License Exams

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Egyptian Doctor, Mar 15, 2020.

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    The Lombardy region, located in northern Italy, has requested medical professionals from countries such as Cuba, Venezuela and China to travel and work there in order to face the coronavirus crisis, according to regional health adviser Giulio Galera, who explained this Saturday.

    The region, one of the most affected in Italy , and it does not have sufficient professionals to cope with the situation. "Since the great critical issue is that of lack of professionals, the law will include the possibility of recruiting foreign doctors , it is enough that they are registered in their countries of origin without passing the equivalence assessment," Galera explained at a press conference. .


    The regional adviser has indicated that they currently have contacts with China, Venezuela , a country from which they have already received a cast and Cuba, to whose president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, has written a letter.

    Italy already has more than 21.00 positive cases by coronavirus and more than 1,400 deaths.

    The number of positive cases do not stop in the region

    Lombardy, with its capital Milan, is the region most affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus in Italy. Due to the increase in the number of infections, they recognize that they are "in trouble" with their hospital capacity and also with their medical personnel. The positive cases in this region amount to more than 11,600 this Saturday , representing an increase of more than 1,800 infected more than the previous day. The fatalities in this city of about ten million inhabitants are already around 1,000, representing an increase of 76 deaths more than 24 hours before .

    For this reason, they have launched a campaign to "recruit" doctors and health personnel . With the initiative they have already received 1,600 applications, of which 692 have been valued, among which are medical students, specialists, already licensed doctors and nurses.

    Galera stressed that "people are needed who will be assisted and trained, accompanied, but who will have to go to work at a difficult time that Lombardy and history will appreciate." "We need everyone's competition," he said.

    Experimental arthritis drug to fight the virus

    The Regional Minister of Health, explained that experts are using an experimental anti-arthritis medication in the treatment of the Minister of Economic Development, Alessandro Mattinzoli, who tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus on March 4 , and Galera assured that "it gives positive data".

    "He is much better thanks to this drug, he has had a slight improvement, " said the counselor, who insisted that this is not a scientific and proven fact, but that it is objective.


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