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Dear Doctor, How To Be Professional With Your Patients?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dr.ahmed2058, Sep 14, 2019.

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    Hello every body, I hope you are all doing great.


    One of the Keystones in the medical service providing is Doctor-Patient relation
    Many of us ignore this point despite it is a critical point in our professional career
    You should deal with your patient as your loyal customer as each patient you gain his trust
    is a success story for your professional career so here is some questions you need to ask yourself first:

    -Can my patients access me easily?
    -Do i encourage my patients to tell more about their fears & concerns?
    -Do i explain all the possible treatment options for the patients?
    -Can i give my patients a smile on their faces when they leave the clinic?

    If you are not sure of your answers so you really should consider the next tips in your daily practice

    Smile :) : You can't imagine how the smile on your face when you meet your patient affects them
    Always be smiling don't give your patients a masked face this really have a negative impacts on them
    Smile always give them hope.

    Sympathy : Always show sympathy to your patients show them how you are caring about their pain & illness
    give your patients the motivation they need as this really will work great for their physical and psychological status and finally always listen to your patient carefully.

    Professional & Simple : this is one of the most important considerations you should take when you are dealing with the patient , explain to them all the information about their illness and the treatment ,listen to to them carefully
    don't allow any distractions when you are talking with your patients , do you best to tailor your talk according patient awareness level & don't use hard to understand medical expressions.

    Polite: whatever you need to do during your patient visit ask for it politely
    for Example ,If you need to perform a physical examination to the patient ask for it politely.

    Accessibility :Set a certain time of your day that patient can access you and ask you whatever they need to
    know , make an emergency phone number that any patient can contact you if they face an emergency.

    Easy access to patient data : try to make an easy to access patient database so you don't need to take patient history every visit time.

    Be motivational - Be fun : try to do your best to keep your patient motivated and to not lose hope of getting well ,also a little bet of humor with your patient has a great impact on patient psychological status.

    Patient privacy : This is one of critical elements for your practice so do your best to keep their data private as much as you can and if you going to take any case for showing for example at medical conference or whatever
    you must get patient approval first and not to show their identity, this very essential point for many countries as USA as before any one take their medical license he should get HIPAA certification first you can check it through Google.

    I hope all of you consider all of these points carefully at their daily practice as this is what makes you a great doctor ;) .

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