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Dental Implants - An Effective Solution of Teeth Issues

Discussion in 'Dental Medicine' started by Brad Perrett, Jan 24, 2014.

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    With considering the mathematical solution, there are multiple ways to solve a problem. As well, there are multiple options to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Dental implant is an advanced medical technology which provide an excellent choice to conventional treatment of a dental bridge for the treatment of tooth loss or a full denture.
    Benefits of Dental implants

      • It can last a lifetime and doesn’t require replacement, if maintained properly.
      • It heals those dental problems which are untreatable in conventional dental methods of dental bridges and denture.
      • It prevents further resorption of jawbone.
      • It restores chewing function perfectly.
      • It avoids cutting down and overloading the natural teeth occurring in conventional treatment.
      • It restore the self-confidence of the patient as it gives the feeling of regaining the ‘Real Tooth’.
      • It functions better than dental bridge and dentures.
      • It gives esthetically pleasing result.

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