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Diastasis Recti In Men: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment To Deal With Distasis Recti In Men

Discussion in 'Plastic Surgery' started by Ghada Ali youssef, Mar 15, 2017.

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    Diastasis recti are basically the abdominal separation and this disorder is not known to everyone and not only in men this disorder also exist in females and babies. Rectus abdominis muscles has two sides and between two sides of rectus abdominis muscles a roughly gap of 2.7 cm exist which is the disorder of diastasis recti. Because of the stretching of linea Alba, distance between the right and left side of rectus abdominis is created. Principally this diastasis of muscles happened in pregnant women and new born babies but now it can also spotted in men. In this article I am going to provide information about diastasis recti in men: Symptoms, causes and treatments to deal with diastasis recti in men.From the xiphoid process to the umbilicus, in the middle of abdomen a ridge can be seen running down and this is the ultimate symbol of diastasis recti. When muscles of abdomen get separated then diastasis recti occurs. Between the muscles gap of more than an inch or accurate an inch get created because of this diastasis recti. Anyways diastasis recti in men: Symptoms, causes and treatments to deal with diastasis recti in men are as follows:

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    To the bottom of your breastbone from navel, appearance like a ridge occurs and this is the first symptom of diastasis recti. Other symptoms of diastasis recti in men are as follows:

    • Diastasis recti are the gap that exists between both sides of rectus abdominis.
    • Diastasis recti are an uncomfortable feeling on abdomen. This is not fatal but a problem of quite concern.
    • In diastasis recti, a trouble occurs in moving around.
    • In diastasis recti leaking of urine occurs.
    • In diastasis recti, problem of lower back pain occurs a lot.
    • Trouble in breathing occurs in diastasis recti.
    • Constipation is also one of the symptoms of diastasis recti.
    As now you are aware of this disease and its symptoms so I would like to suggest that treat this disease as soon as possible otherwise it would end up causing the problem of hernia for you. Because the organs through the surrounding tissues will face breakdown and hernia will occur.


    Following are the ultimate causes because of which diastasis recti occurs in men

    1. Diastasis recti in men occur because of doing improper exercises such as weight lifting, vigorous push-ups, and sit-ups and without proper body position doing versatile exercises.
    2. Because of extra weight gain diastasis recti in men occurs and because of weight gain abdomen is affected by lot of pressure and as result muscle separation occurs. Unlike women men gain weight from front rather than the sides.
    3. If ancestors of someone have faced this disorder of diastasis recti then it is obvious that you will also face diastasis recti.
    4. Diastasis recti in men can also occur because of obesity.
    5. Cancer within the abdomen and cirrhosis of the liverin which because of excessive fluids with in abdomen, swelling occurs which lead to diastasis recti.
    Abdominoplasty is a cosmetic procedure by which in severe condition, one can get rid of diastasis recti in men. Linea Alba is saturated and folded together in this surgical procedure. Stomach muscles are tightened and repaired during this cosmetic surgical procedure. On the front of the body right across the front line which is known by bikini line, skin is lifted in this cosmetic surgery procedure. Only with the time period of 90 minutes and by doing general anesthesia one can get through this cosmetic surgery and this medical treatment is carried only in severe condition and in normal condition there are light methods which I am going explain as follows.

    Bracing is a technique to deal with diastasis recti in men and in this technique bracing on abdominal area and lower back is done as treatment. This technique provides you the right way during exercise rehabilitation that how your midsection must be positioned in right way and this technique is also an ultimate solution to cut down your pain during exercise.

    Now I am going to describe some exercises to deal with diastasis recti and these exercises are exclusively only for men.

    • With both feet’s on ground and both legs bent, lie down on the floor
    • With pointed fingers downward, put both hands on the lower stomach
    • In a steady stream, breath in and out properly
    • Off the ground, slowly lift the shoulders and head
    • Using fingers and hands, press down the lower abdomen
    • With bent knees and feet’s on the floor, in the back position , lie on the ground
    • In the lower abdomen, tighten your muscles and at the same time lift your hip
    • As directed do 10 reps
    • With bent knees and feet’s on floor, lie down on the ground
    • Breath properly by inhaling and straight down one leg and slowly slide it down on the ground during exhaling
    • Made your leg straight as far as you can do and then start inhaling again by making your leg again to its starting position
    • Now repeat the same process with other leg
    • By putting both hands on abdomen, sit down on floor
    • Slowly contact your abdominal muscles by taking small breaths and do this process with pulling abdominal muscles towards spine
    • During this process keep your breath under control and hold this position for almost 30 seconds
    • 10 times per day repeat this exercise to get rid of diastasis recti
    • With bend knees and feet’s on the ground lie down on the floor
    • Chin by making down towards chest, lift head slowly
    • Towards the floor make your abdomen contract and hold this situation for 20 seconds
    • To the starting position, lower your head and hold it for time of just 2 seconds
    • Per day repeat this exercise for 10 times
    Above mentioned are the simple ways of exercise by which men can get rid of diastasis recti.



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