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Did Doctors Get To Enjoy Their 20s?

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Dr.Scorpiowoman, Oct 31, 2020.

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    This question was originally posted on and was answered by Amy Chai, MD, Internal Medicine, MS Epidemiology



    You must sacrifice your youth and strength to the profession. My 20s were pretty grim, no money, no sleep, no restaurants, no parties, no music or dancing, no nice anything, no time with friends, fam, or significant other. I did save some peoples’ lives though. I also had older adults crying and telling me they wished I could be their daughter. So I suppose these are the trade offs. And lots of people struggle in their 20s. Not everyone can be an heiress, a royal, or an instagram influencer. Plenty of young people work nonstop just to get by and have no money to go travel the world while looking beautiful and buff as hell. What would you give up to save one life? How about several lives? It sucks, but it is also a privilege.


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