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Doctor Claims To Have Discovered How To Perfectly Preserve Dead Bodies … 'Proves' His Theory

Discussion in 'Forensic Medicine' started by Egyptian Doctor, Oct 8, 2015.

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    A doctor claims to have discovered how to perfectly preserve dead bodies – after unveiling the corpse of his own brother.

    Dr Edgar Aranda tested his embalming technique on his sibling Ramon who died 13 months ago.

    Video shows the Peruvian doctor disinterring his brother and unwrapping the corpse in front of stunned relatives in a bid to prove his experiment.

    Close-up shots of Ramon's hand and forearm reveal his skin to be remarkably similar to when he was alive.

    Dr Aranda, from the city of Huancayo, the capital of central Peru's Junin region, said: 'It's as if my brother has never left, he's just asleep.

    'There were no morphological changes to his hair, skin or nails.'

    The doctor, who is also a university lecturer, has spent 10 years developing the special formula with the help of his students.

    He explained: 'One has to extract all the blood and replace it with other liquids. And they are a chemical mix that I will keep secret for the moment.'

    His brother's body was embalmed with the chemical mix and wrapped up in a plastic bag.

    An unnamed relative said: 'I believe Doctor Aranda did a very good job and deserves respect.'

    Dr Aranda said his brother once told him of his disappointment that he was never able to support him through medical school.

    But he said that Ramon had now been able to help him from beyond the grave by 'proving' that his experiment worked.

    He said, in turn, that he had helped his brother 'by making him somewhat immortal'.

    The doctor is now seeing if his technique can be used on a larger scale.

    However, some people have apparently questioned on social media why anyone would want to preserve the body of a dead relative.

    Embalming was first developed in Egypt around 6,000BC.

    It was carried out because it was believed that the soul would be strengthened if the body was not allowed to decay and eventually be able to return to the body.




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