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Doctor - Doctor Marriage, Does It Work? Here Pros and Cons of Marrying A Doctor

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jun 11, 2021.

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    Dating and personal life is the area where medical students and doctors are a little below their counterparts from the other fields. Already they are flooded with the hectic routine of studies and never ending post graduate training. So they have a ready-made excuse. But there comes a moment in life when a medical student or doctors tarts thinking about taking a step further and get married. Marriage gets really interesting specially if there is a marriage between two doctors.

    Since we doctors work for almost 5 years together, we tend to know each other better than an ordinary person, Meds, together have gone through a lot. from bunking classing in community medicine lectures to nerve wrecking medicine and pathology vivas, from helping each other’s in making journals to even shamelessly studying opposite sex anatomy on netters atlas but that too without a sense of embarrassment, because this is what we are here for. These intimate moments are what that creates a bond. A bond between 2 med students. Imagine bride and groom talking on the wedding stage. GROOM, “I am having palpitation” BRIDE “Me too, I thought it was only me, but dont worry, I have brought Inderal for this predicted problem”, how cool is that, do you really want to miss this.

    But what happens if you think realistically, is a doctor couple going to live together happily like Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd from Greys Anatomy or is it the opposite?


    - You will know each other’s problem very well, that will make your life easy

    - Your spouse can help you in studies, that is particularly helpful while clearing your postgraduate exams or even if both of you are students still.

    - It will be nice to have a spouse who understands your medical jokes rather than the one nodding and smiling in a fake way.

    - You together will make some serious money, there are actually cases where the wife makes more money (God bless the husband in this case: D)

    - Your kids will be very intelligent, general rule of thumb is intelligent parents ... intelligent offspring.

    - Free treatment of the specialty of your spouse. If spouse is dentist you can get your teeth fixed free of cost, if he is a pediatrician so free treatment for the kids.


    - Your house will have a dedicated cupboard for physician sample medicines, half of them being expired but you will not notice because of scarcity of free time, and this somehow scares your guests.

    - Your refrigerator will be empty most of the time, hiring a helper is a must, if you dont want your kids to look anorexic and hungry, so definitely prepare yourself for that.

    - You will not be able to spend enough time with your partner, the only romance you will have is discussing about the patients, new medications, income taxes, or if you are lucky enough “I love you, please wake me up at 8 am sharp as I have important appointments at the morning”

    - Very little time for your kids, and they will certainly complain one day that parents are not giving enough time to them, plus they will spend years in Day Care center.


    It doesn't matter what specialty is your spouse in or do he has enough time or not, I believe everything can be sorted out by discussion and pre-planning. If you two are sensible and tolerant enough you can work wonders.

    Tell us in the comment section if you are with or against doctor-doctor marriages.

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