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Doctors and Nurses

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Jermeen Wadie, Nov 29, 2019.

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    Hospitals should not be only Doctors or Nurses, both job titles are a must to exist in all hospitals all over the world. Although the doctors have more knowledge, study more, diagnose and do the surgery themselves when needed, nurses have a very important role in patients' care as they don't just obey the doctors' instructions, whether drawing blood, working with medical equipment or fixing meals.

    A nurse as a practitioner may assume several of the doctors' functions such as diagnosing a patient and writing orders as she sees the patient either longer than the doctor, but on any given case the doctor has the authority for the decision making and responsible for what goes on.

    However, the relationship between doctors and nurses depend on the people involved. Some systems encourage doctors and nurses to be more collaborative as visiting patient's bedside as a team and the results and patients' feedback is much better than other systems which prefer that decisions come from doctors only without much input from the nurse.

    There are lots of secrets nurses wished to tell and here are some examples of these secrets:

    1- “When a patient is terminally ill, sometimes the doctor won’t order enough pain medication. If the patient is suffering, we’ll sometimes give more than what the doctor said and ask him later to change the order. People will probably howl now that I’ve said it out loud, but you have to take care of your patient.”

    2- “I’ve had people blow out arteries in front of me, where I know the patient could bleed to death within minutes. I’ve had people with brains literally coming out of their heads. No matter how worried I am, I’ll say calmly, ‘Hmmm, let me give the doctor a call and have him come look at that.’”

    3- “If you’re happily texting and laughing with your friends until the second you spot me walking into your room, I’m not going to believe that your pain is a ten out of ten.”

    4- “We question physicians’ orders more often than you might think. Some of the mistakes I’ve headed off: a physician who forgot to order a medication that the patient was taking at home, a doctor who ordered the incorrect diet for a diabetic and one who tried to perform a treatment on the wrong patient.”

    Studies showed that 20% of doctors suffer from physician burnout daily worldwide regardless of the specialty and this has a dramatic effect on leadership day-to-day. Variations are found in the physician engagement depending on how busy they are and how they get their needs outside their career.

    Reasons for doctors suffering from physician burnout and how it has effects on nurses:
    1-Doctors are distracted with multiple patients and other priorities in their private life.
    2- When you ask a doctor "How do you do?" listen to the words said between the lines.
    3- Doctors and nurses spend different dramatic times with an individual patient as if doctors and nurses are different species on hospital floors.

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