Doctors Find Boy’s Missing Tooth Growing Out Of His Testicle

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    Doctors discovered he was missing the molar in his mouth and it had instead grown inside his testicle

    A teenage boy has undergone the ‘rarest of surgeries’ after doctors found a tooth growing inside his testicle.

    Doctors were shocked to find a molar had grown in the 13-year-old boy’s testicle instead of in his mouth – where there was a gap for the missing tooth.

    Russian medics had initially feared the lump was a tumour but were stunned when a scan showed something ‘truly unique’.

    It was removed at the Morozov Children’s Hospital in Moscow and doctors said the surgery on the schoolboy – who has not been identified – was a success.

    The hospital said in a statement: ‘The tooth was the second molar, or the seventh in the upper jaw.

    ‘It usually replaced by the permanent tooth at the age of ten to 12.’

    Medics said the ultra rare condition had been caused by a ‘genetic process during the pre-natal period’ – a teratoid tumour which formed due to a stem cell failure.

    Doctors said it was caused by a pre-natal condition

    The schoolboy is set to have a normal reproductive system following the surgery
    The operation was carried out by surgeon Dmitry Tarusin, a senior children’s urologist and andrologist, after a scan had ‘revealed something inside the testicle that looked like renal gravel’ – gravel in kidneys.

    ‘Doctors decided to operate on the patient as soon as possible,’ the hospital added.

    ‘The surgery proved that the real seventh tooth – a molar – was growing inside the testicle, the one that was missing in the jaw.

    ‘Dental science knows examples when teeth grew inside the lung.

    ‘But a tooth growing inside a testicle is a truly unique case.’

    Medics believe the schoolboy shouldn’t be affected by the rare condition and will go on to have a healthy reproductive system as he gets older.


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