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Doctors On Strike In India

Discussion in 'मेडिकल फोरम' started by Egyptian Doctor, Oct 28, 2014.

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    Government hospitals in Karnataka are likely to face a staff crunch over the next few days on account of a strike called by the Karnataka State Government Medical Officers Association (KSGMOA) who are demanding pay hikes.

    The KSGMOA on Monday claimed that as many as 4000 doctors who are members of the association had put in their resignations even as Karnataka’s Health Minister U T Khader claimed that only 911 doctors had quit.

    The minister has claimed that the government has sufficient back up doctors to tide over the next few days. Government doctors have placed 14 demands before the health ministry including a pay hike. The government has agreed to a pay hike but have not agreed to other demands that involve the health policy in the state.

    “The resignation of the doctors is not a big thing. We have the support of public and private hospitals and interns from a few medical colleges. We will face challenges in maternity hospitals where there is an increasing number of cases and staff shortage but experienced nurses have stepped-in and are assisting ,” Health Minister U T Khader said.

    “The association is claiming that over 4000 doctors have put in their papers but only 911 doctors have submitted their resignations. Among them several of the doctors have called and said that they were forced to put in their papers by a few vested interests in the KSGMOA. Until now the association has been threatening protests now that we have resignations in hand we will play our own game,” Khader said.

    Khader said that the government would not take action against the doctors who have resigned but will conduct investigations to find out if they were coerced to quit.

    “Tomorrow all the doctors are supposed to report to their respective hospitals. If they fail to do so show cause notices will be issued against them and action will be taken as per the rules,” Khader said. The minister said that some of the demands made by the doctors were not in public interest but was intended to arm-twist the government. The health minister has advised pregnant women not to crowd hospitals on Tuesday unless in an emergency and to use ambulance services for assistance in emergencies.

    Officials of the KSGMOA stated that threats to issue show cause notices to protesting doctors would have no bearing on doctor turnout for work. “There is no point in issuing showcase notices to us. As many as 2500 doctors have already resigned . If the government does not heed to our legitimate demands we will start cooperative medical service centres across the state and show them how to run model health facilities,” honorary member of the KSGMOA Dr H Ravindra said.

    Protesting doctors are likely to meet Chief Minister Siddaramiah to resolve their issues. Patients at hospitals functioning under the state health department are expected to bear the brunt of the doctors strike over the next few days if the matter is not speedily resolved.


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