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Doctors Refused My Brazilian Butt Lift After £100K Of Surgery–So I’ll Get Deadly Silicone Injections

Discussion in 'Plastic Surgery' started by Mahmoud Abudeif, Dec 21, 2019.

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    A PLASTIC surgery addict who's spent £100,000 on surgery has been refused a third Brazilian bum lift by multiple doctors, so is turning to dangerous silicone injections.

    Aimi Veness, from Horsebridge, East Sussex, gorged on pizzas, doughnuts and full-fat Coke to gain three stone in a year - taking her from a size 8 to a 14.

    The 44-year-old was hoping doctors could harvest flat from around her belly and inject it into her buttocks to "shape and contour" them.

    But surgeons, including Botched's Dr Paul Nassif and Dr Terry Dubrow, have refused - warning she could have a cardiac arrest on the operating table, because there's so much fat around her heart and lungs.

    Aimi, who's now bigger than her husband Mark and struggling to find clothes that fit her, is now determined to get potentially fatal injections instead.

    Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, she said: "I was annoyed because I put on weight and wanted the Brazilian Butt Lift done, but when they told me what my body was like inside, I thought that 'there’s no point looking like this if I’m going to be in a coffin'.

    Aimi admits the Brazilian butt lifts are incredibly painful - but says it's worth it

    "I’d like implants but everyone’s saying no so I’ll probably give bum injections a go.

    "I met a guy on Botched who is based in Manchester - he’s just learnt to to do bum injections so I might pay him a visit."

    Buttock augmentation injections use volumising fillers like silicone, instead of the patient's own fat.

    Costing £3,000, they're far cheaper than an £8,000 Brazilian bum lifts . But the fillers used in the shots can travel to other parts of the body - with fatal consequences.

    I thought that 'there’s no point looking like this if I’m going to be in a coffin'
    - Aimi Veness, 44

    Aimi has already forked out £100,000 on two boob jobs, a nose job, two full body liposuction procedures, two Brazilian bum lifts and an upper and lower eye lift, most of which has been done abroad.

    She now plans to have liposuction to lose all the weight she's put on, followed by bum injections.

    She also wants to get surgical dimples in her cheek, as well as future plans for a face lift at 50 and designer vagina at 90.

    Aimi said: "I used to like my vagina until I put on all the weight and it got fat. Let’s see what it looks like when I’m older."

    Aimi's son Harry, 23, has begged his mum not to have any more work done - and even sent her news cuttings of tragic Brit Leah Cambridge, who died after having a Brazilian bum lift in Turkey last year.

    But Aimi, who used to take Brits out to Turkey for cosmetic ops, in her ambassador role for the Surgery TR Travel Medical Agency between 2016 and 2018, says she's not worried.

    She said: "I’ve never had anything go wrong, to me it’s just like a holiday. I don’t see the danger.

    "I get so excited about having surgery and then I’m quite down when it’s finished.

    "I like the build-up and the whole thing - going to Turkey, getting it done, and waking up the next day."

    Aimi got her first Brazilian bum lift in 2016, and admits she "thought I'd been hit by a bus" when she woke afterwards.

    She said: "The pain feels like someone putting a hot poker up you - you can’t even sit on the toilet seat. You can’t shower so you smell of blood. Because you’re in Turkey it’s really hot, so I was smelling.

    "I couldn’t sit down for eight weeks - on the flight home from Turkey I stood up on the plane.

    "I had a letter and the air hostesses weren’t happy about it, but there was no way I was going to go through all this pain to then sit on my bum and ruin it.

    I’ve never had anything go wrong, to me it’s just like a holiday. I don’t see the danger
    - Aimi Veness, 44

    "All through Christmas I had to stand or lay on my front - it was so painful. I even had to kneel down to eat my Christmas dinner.

    "But once you see the results and the pain goes, you forget about all that. That’s why I wanted it done again. I wanted to go bigger. Then I was asked to be an ambassador for the clinic.

    "They promised me free surgery which was amazing. My husband didn’t want me to take it as he thought I’d end up going too far.

    "It was all new so I wasn’t worried. I didn’t think there could be any complications."

    A year later, Aimi decided to go even bigger with a second Brazilian bum lift, after deliberately piling on the pounds.

    A surgeon harvested fat from her back and legs to inject into her buttocks.

    Aimi immediately started planning for a third op, against her doctor's warning it could spell a death sentence.

    The pain feels like someone putting a hot poker up you - you can’t even sit on the toilet seat. You can’t shower so you smell of blood
    - Aimi Veness, 44

    She said: "He said 'you have a lot of fat around your heart and lungs - you have to lose it. You need to go to the gym'.

    "But I decided against it. If you go to the gym the first bit of fat you lose is the fat in your bum. It just disappears."

    Aimi ignored the medical advice and continued with her carb-laden diet, hoping the Botched surgeons would be able to give her the Kim Kardashian look she's always dreamed of.

    But Dr Terry firmly told her it wasn't safe, in scenes which will air here in January, because of the redistribution of fat. "It's putting your health at risk," he told her.

    "It was good the doctors explained it to me," Aimi said. "I thought 'you know what? This isn’t for me - no more Brazilian bum lifts. I’ll give the injections a go instead'."

    Following an inquest into Leah Cambridge's death, a senior coroner is writing to the UK government, asking them to consider banning the op.

    Meanwhile, British surgeons have agreed to stop performing Brazilian bum lifts until the risks are understood better.

    But Aimi insists it's worth the risk. She said: "I keep going back because I’ve never had anything go wrong.

    "I don’t see the danger. I’ve never had any complications so I keep going back and get excited for the next one. I will do it until I can’t do it anymore."

    My husband hates my figure now. But he couldn't stop me doing anything - he never knows what he’s going to wake up to next
    - Aimi Veness, 44

    Leah now plans to go on a crash diet and two-week juice cleanse, before having full body lipo to lose the weight she gained.

    Then she'll head abroad for more surgery.

    Aimi admits her obsession with surgery has put a strain on her marriage with Mark, who has branded her derriere "repulsive".

    She said: "I’ve known him since I was 16, and says I had a lovely figure before. He hates it now.

    "But he couldn't stop me doing anything - he never knows what he’s going to wake up to next."

    Aimi first had surgery when she was working as a dancer at Stringfellows, aged 25.

    She said: "I was so skinny and had no boobs. I was this quiet little thing, really shy, surrounded by beautiful women with perfect bodies. I thought I needed to up my game."

    Aimi had her breasts enlarged from a 32B to a 36EE and caught the bug, spending all her spare money transforming herself into her idol Wonder Woman.

    "I want her hourglass shape and I’m nearly there," she said. "I’m literally like Wonder Woman. Until something goes wrong, I’m not going to stop."

    Aimi has seen the footage from her Botched episode, and said it's made her want even more surgery.

    She said: "Watching myself back I’m thinking 'wow, my ears look really big'.

    "I think I’m going to have my ears made smaller. I hadn’t noticed how big they were before."


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