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Doctors Warn The Dangers Of Skipping Medical Screenings

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mahmoud Abudeif, Mar 31, 2021.

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    Local doctors are concerned that people are holding off getting needed medical screenings.

    They warn delayed screenings could mean a missed diagnosis.​

    Quincy Medical Group Gynecologist, Dr. Tanya Mero said mammograms are their number one skipped screening.

    Because 1 and 8 women get diagnosed with breast cancer each year, she said she's nervous that number could increase if people don't follow up with screenings.

    "Potentially delaying screenings could mean that you have missed a precancerous change that could be caught early and treated versus catching a cancer now and potentially having more invasive treatment," Mero said.

    She said knowing their patients are concerned about contracting COVID-19 they're taking precautions to keep everyone healthy.

    Such as most of their staff are fully vaccinated, they require everyone to wear a mask when entering their facilities and all of their facilities are thoroughly deep cleaned.

    Mero said for people who are still uncomfortable going to the doctor, they offer remote check ins.

    That's when you can check in over the phone while waiting in your car instead of a waiting room.

    She said the fear of COVID-19 should not keep you from your routine medical screenings.


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