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Don't Ask a Doctor About His Personal Life

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by ahmadbensaeed, Aug 24, 2019.

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    As I am a dentist, I have relations with other dentists especially my colleagues. I have also friendships with doctors of other medical fields. Once I was having a cup of coffee with an emergency doctor, and this was our conversation;

    Me: [With a slight smile.] Do you think doctors have an awesome life? Or do you have an awesome life?

    He: [Looks discontented] How can it be awesome while I worry all the time? I have to worry about my career. I have to go through exams to train myself better.

    Me: I know it’s hard to worry all the time, but you may try to relax whenever it’s possible.

    He: [Looks upset] Relax!! When and where?! I have to be always available, even when I am taking a meal. An emergency is an emergency.

    Me: Then I suppose you don’t sleep well.

    He: [Raising his eye brows.] I have sleepless nights with that anxiety. And my boss thinks I am lazy and I shouldn’t sleep even an hour and I should provide healthcare to the most deprived, without any kind of assistance of any means.

    Me: And what about your colleagues? Are they in the same scenario?

    He: Even worse; my colleague got beaten up last week by an unruly mob of alcoholic relatives of a patient who couldn’t be saved because they waited for one week before bringing him to emergency.

    Me: Oh. I am sorry.

    He: [Petulantly] You don’t have to be, it’s the usual.

    Me: [Trying to change the conversation.] Do you see your family and friends? Do you have a girlfriend?

    He: You know, my parents miss me because I live far away from them. I can’t attend them when they are sick, or alone. My friends think I have a big ego because I can’t give them time. They never want to be associated with me unless they have some issues with their own health. And I don’t have a girl friend. Who wants someone busy all day and all night and all week and all year!!

    Me: [Stuttering and trying to say enough.] Enough, Jacob. I am really sorry to hear that.

    We ended up our coffee and we separated. I promised myself that I’ll not ask a doctor about his personal life again.


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