'Drunk' Rambling Doctor Comes Into Patient's Room At 4am Threatening To Kill Himself

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    A shock hospital patient has filmed a "drunk" doctor entering their room at 4am, threatening to kill themself and calling him "a f**ot".

    Robert Pere Williams, 22, reportedly took video and voice recordings of the unnamed doctor who complained of stress due to over being understaffed.

    He also as expressed his anger over Williams' disease, cystic fibrosis.

    "I'm not f***ing p**sed fa**ot," the doctor says in the video.

    "You think I'm f***ing p**sed? You wanna see me p***sd?

    "You wanna f***ing see me p***ed? F***ing whip out my bottle of whiskey, you faggot."

    The incident occurred at Waikato Hospital in New Zealand where Mr Williams is a regular patient, stuff.co.nz reports.

    Nigel Murray, the Waikato DHB chief executive, said the hospital took the allegations seriously.

    "We are urgently contacting this member of staff so we can take action and offer the appropriate support," he said.

    Williams told the website: "He was super p**sed," Williams said.

    "(He was) crying and telling me all about my case and how he had been thinking about it all day.
    "Clearly he shouldn't be a doctor if he finds it so hard dealing with one case."


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