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EchoNous Receives EU Approval For Kosmos AI Ultrasound Platform

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    EchoNous announced that it has received the Eurepean CE Mark of approval for its Kosmos platform, an ultrasound and AI-based software system that helps physicians obtain diagnostic imaging and make clinical decisions at the bedside.


    The Kosmos platform consists of an eight-ounce ultrasound device, the Kosmos Torso, which also has ECG and digital auscultation functions. It is connected to the Kosmos Bridge tablet, which runs AI-based software that analyzes the ultrasound images to assess heart and lung function more quickly and accurately.

    Currently, the company is focused on using the Kosmos platform to analyze systolic heart function parameters such as ejection fraction, stroke volume, and cardiac output. These require considerable experience to analyze, but according to the company can be easily and accurately obtained using the Kosmos ultrasound and tablet.

    In the near future, EchoNous plans to file for regulatory clearance for AI-based algorithms that can label heart anatomy, guide clinicians in obtaining images, and grade image quality to capture more high-quality images. The company hopes to also use its platform to visualize and diagnose other cardiothoracic abnormalities, such as abnormal heart rhythms, structural heart changes, and pneumonias.

    According to the company, each Kosmos system will cost less than $10,000.

    Check out this video introducing the Kosmos:


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