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Effect of Cannabis on the human brain

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Peter Grinspoon, Jun 19, 2020.

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    Cannabis can have a positive effect on your brain and, of course, can have a calming effect. However, cannabis can also cause fear and paranoia instead of peace. The jumps of thought can cause chaos in the head. The disturbed short-term memory can lead to film tears, and the perception can tip into hypersensitivity or even hallucinations. Negative effects occur, especially among consumers who are not yet familiar with the effects of cannabis. But experienced consumers can also have negative effects, for example, if the dosage is too high. Continued use of cannabis can create psychological and mild physical dependency. The assumption that cannabis can cause psychosis is very common but has not been proven by research. The same applies to the keyword "entry drug." It shows that almost all heroin addicts used cannabis in the past, but what is true for heroin addicts does not apply to all cannabis users in retrospect. Indeed, according to many studies, only a very small proportion of cannabis users switch to other drugs.

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