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Egyptian Doctors Ask For Only 500$ Monthly Salary To Accept A Single Wage Proposal

Discussion in 'المنتدى الطبى' started by Egyptian Doctor, May 4, 2017.

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    The General Union of Physicians issued a statement on Wednesday evening, in which it announced its full support for the proposal of physicians to work for a single wage, provided by MP Bassam Fleifel and approved by the House of Representatives proposals committee and was referred to the Health Committee of the Council.

    The union said in its statement that the Congress of Sub-syndicates in July 2016, overwhelmingly approved the proposal to provide doctors with a fair wage, as one of the most important ways to reform the health system, to ensure that the doctor to provide all the effort and time for a single work, both in the workplace of government or private.

    The union explained that it has already submitted this proposal within the cadre of doctors, submitted long months ago to the Health Committee in the House of Representatives.

    The union stressed that there is a necessary condition for full-time or "full-time work" in return for "full wages" or real wages, equal to the real wage recognized by the state for important professions that are full-time, such as the salaries of those working in the office of the prosecution or the judiciary as their salaries start from 500$ monthly.

    Egypt is one of the countries with the lowest salary for doctors allover the world, as doctors salary in Egypt ranges from 120$ to 300$, check lowest paid doctors in the world.


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