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Everlywell Utilizes Telemedicine And At-Home Lab Testing To Diagnose COVID-19

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    One of the biggest hurdles for America in its fight against the growing COVID-19 pandemic is a massive shortage of tests to diagnose for the virus.

    To help in the battle, one of the nation’s leading at-home lab testing companies, Everlywell, has developed an in-home test for COVID-19 that also utilizes telehealth consultations with board-certified physicians.

    According to Everlywell, the tests will cost $135, with the company receiving no profit from sales. Consumers simply collect a sample in the comfort of their homes, preventing potential exposure to themselves and the rest of the public. The samples are overnighted to a certified laboratory for analysis. Within 48 hours, results are made available online, and if positive, free telehealth consultations are provided.

    The tests will be available starting Monday, March 23, and Everlywell will initially have 30,000 collection kits ready. The company has been constantly working with independent labs to scale up infrastructure to handle up to 250,000 tests weekly and are also reaching out to government and public health officials to decrease the $135 cost even further.

    Press release: Everlywell announces Monday launch of solution to get tested and diagnosed for COVID-19 from home


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