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Everything About Hamad Medical Corporation For Doctors

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jan 19, 2014.

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    1- What is Hamad Medical corporation (HMC)?

    HMC is the main health care provider in Qatar, it is a group of 7 hospitals covering nearly most of the medical and surgical specialties. These hospitals are:

    -Hamad general hospital

    -Al wakra hospital

    -Al khor hospital

    -Rumailah hospital

    -National center for cancer care and research

    -The cuban hospital

    -Women's hospital.

    -Heart Hospital.

    2- can I have the link for their website?


    3- How can I apply there?

    Please , see this page,

    4- How can I get the required application forms?

    You can download them from their website at the bottom of the page,

    5- What is the difference between straight and rotating internship?

    -Rotating means you spend about 1-2 months in different medical or surgical specialties (All the Egyptian medical schools and most of the middle east medical schools provide a rotating internship).

    -Straight means you spend the whole year in one specialty, either medicine or surgery (All the preliminary residencies in the USA are straight internships).

    6- Should I send a proof of my clinical experience along with my application?

    Yes you should, they dont say that they want it on the site. But they will ask for it if you dont supply it, and failure to supply it when requested may result in your application being discarded.

    7- Can I take the IFOM exam somewhere other than Qatar?

    Yes, the IFOM is an internationally exam, please search here for available locations

    8- Can I send the online score reports print out of the USMLE and TOEFL exams?


    9- Should I receive a notification that they have received my application?

    No It is not necessary for you to receive notification. Some may while others may not.

    10. Do I have to use their CV template?

    No but you should include the same points as their template.

    11. Are there any exemptions to IFOM or Step 2 ck?

    No there are not. Currently IFOM is the only exemption to step 2 ck, moving forward in the enxt few years full ECFMG certification will be needed from applicants, but not yet.

    12. What will strengthen my application?

    Currently the strongest points looked at are your exam marks, English proficiency, and a big focus on how long you have finished your internship, ideally not more than 3 years ago. They like fresh graduates. This is what will determine if you are short listed, for interviews its another matter,

    13. I am still doing my internship, can I apply?

    Yes given that your internship will be finished by July 1st of the academic year you are applying for, you should however in your application send a letter of good standing of your internship with when you started your internship.

    14. I have finished my internship longer than 3 years ago, will they still accept me?

    As it says on their page PRIORITY will be given to those who have completed within the past 3 years, so it is not an absolute requirement. So yes you can still apply but your chances will be weaker.

    15. How many applicants applied this year? How many will they accept?

    This site is run by HMC residents trying to help, unfortunatly that information is priveledged and they do not tell us.

    16. Regarding Postgraduate Experience, What should i submit ?

    Since last year, HMC has been asking for proof of postgraduate experience which need to be submitted with the application itself. According to Medical education if you stated that you have worked in more than one place or took training in more than one institution ( as stated in your resume ) you have to submit proof for each place you wrote, So be precise with what you write down in your resume and supply Documents supporting it.

    17. My IELTS or TOEFL score does not meet their requirement, what should i do?

    If you have enough time retake the exam. If not you can still apply this is NOT an absolute requirement. It just means you wont get priority for acceptance.

    18. I took my IELTS or TOEFL X years ago, can I still apply using this mark?

    The limit for having take the exam is 5 years ago from the year of application submission. For example this years application submission is in 2013 so an exam taken 2008 on wards is still accepted.



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