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Experts Reveal The Cosmetic Surgery Trends Set To Sweep 2017

Discussion in 'Plastic Surgery' started by Dr.Scorpiowoman, Jan 12, 2017.

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    Bigger bums, smaller nipples and lunchtime nip-and-tucks: Experts reveal the cosmetic surgery trends set to sweep 2017
    • Plastic surgeons have revealed the trends tipped to take 2017 by storm
    • More patients are asking for 'natural-looking' breasts and smaller nipples
    • Some surgeons have reported a 500 per cent rise in demand for 'butt lifts'
    • Clients opting for breast enlargements and facelifts under local anaesthetic

    Bigger bums, smaller busts and 'walk-in, walk-out' procedures are set to take the world of plastic surgery by storm in 2017.

    Surgeons have tipped 2017 as the year of the 'Brazilian butt lift' following a 500 per cent spike in demand for the procedure, a trend fuelled by big-bottomed stars like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.

    They have also reported a huge rise in 'lunchtime nip-and-tucks' - speedy enhancements performed under local anaesthetic in just a matter of hours.

    FEMAIL spoke to experts at The Plastic Surgery Group (TPSG) to get the lowdown on this year's biggest surgery trends.


    Plastic surgeons have revealed a growing trend for smaller, more 'natural-looking' breasts and smaller nipples thanks in part to the 'wellness' movement and trend for lean, athletic figures (picture posed by models)


    When it comes to breasts, quite literally everything is getting smaller - including women's nipples, it seems.

    'We have seen a 30 per cent rise in women requesting a smaller nipple size in the last year,' says consultant plastic surgeon Dan Marsh.

    'This is tied into the trend towards smaller breast augmentation sizes. The average size is now 250-300cc [approx D-C cup] compared with 350-400cc [Double DD or E cup] several years ago.'

    With the 'wellness' movement going from strength to strength, and stars like Taylor Swift and Ellie Goulding championing a lean, athletic body type, it appears over-inflated chests are officially out.


    With stars like Taylor Swift championing lean, athletic figures, surgeons are seeing trend towards smaller breast augmentation sizes - going from an E-cup to a D- or C-cup

    Mo Akhavani, a fellow plastic surgeon agrees: 'Ninety-five per cent of our patients [now] state they want the "natural" look.

    'The new body look now is the ultra-toned, shredded athletic type – just look at Instagram and see how many thousands of women add photos of them doing weights. Smaller nipples and implants compliment this new trend of a lean body.'


    Surgeons saw a huge spike in the number of patients seeking buttock augmentation during 2016 - and the trend continues to gain momentum.

    The most popular request is the 'Brazilian butt lift (BBL)', which combines liposuction and body contouring with buttock augmentation.


    So-called Brazilian butt lifts are on the rise thanks to big-bottomed stars, and in the second half of last year, surgeons reported 500 per cent increase in consultations for the procedure

    In the second half of 2016 alone, TPSG saw a staggering 500 per cent increase in consultations for this procedure.

    With curvy stars like Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and the Kardashian-Jenner clan making the big bum popular, surgeons are seeing more requests for fat grafting in this area, a procedure that has been popular in Brazil for decades.

    Mr Akhavani explains: 'South Americans, who developed the Brazilian butt lift, have been doing it for years; however reality stars like the Kardashians are making it more mainstream [in the UK].'


    With curvy stars like Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian (pictured) making bigger bums popular, surgeons are seeing more requests for fat grafting in this area


    Nip-and-tucks performed under sedation are expected to soar, with a record nine in 10 patients now opting to have facelifts under local anaesthetic.

    • Patients are increasingly turning to cosmetic procedures under local anaesthetic as they can be faster, cheaper and have less post-op nausea
    • With the patient remaining awake and alert during the procedure, they are able to recover more quickly than if they were under general anaesthetic
    • There is often no need for patients to fast or avoid certain medications before their operation
    • Having a procedure under local can remove the need for a hospital stay and, in many cases, the patient can be back to their normal routine within a couple of hours of the procedure
    The so-called 'twilight tweakment' is increasingly desirable as it reduces downtime; patients can be discharged after a matter of hours, according to TPSG.

    The biggest shift has been in facelift surgery; in the second half of 2016, the majority of lifts were done under local anaesthetic.

    Of the facelifts booked for 2017, only one in 10 have so far opted to have their surgery under general anaesthetic.

    Mr Akhavani explains: 'There has been a culture shift, and our understanding of ambulatory patient pathways in surgery has improved over the past few years.

    'Instead of being admitted to hospital many patients can be safely treated and discharged the same day.'

    However, certain types of breast augmentation can also be performed under local anaesthetic. Mr Marsh adds: 'Of all the surgeries I carried out in 2016, fewer than 10 per cent of my patients stayed overnight in hospital following their surgery.

    'This is a paradigm shift from the old days and has huge benefits in terms of patient safety, comfort and recovery.'


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