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Factors Causing Coughing Up Black Mucus And Its Treatment

Discussion in 'Otolaryngology' started by Lets Enjoy Medicine, Jun 17, 2021.

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    Mucus is a kind of biological substance which produces slippery secretion. Glycoproteins are found in mucous fluids. Mucus is very much important for human respiratory system as it protects lungs from foreign particles but excess of mucus is not a good sign such as increased production of mucus in respiratory tract can be the sign of common illnesses such as influenza and common cold. Inflammatory respiratory diseases can also occur because of hyper secretion of mucus and these diseases can be fatal such as chronic Bronchitis, allergies and Asthma. Increased quantity of mucus in throat and nose must be expelled from them otherwise they result in blockage in throat and nose and from nose it can be done by blowing the nose and from throat it can be done by expectorating phlegm.

    Presence of black mucus in respiratory tract seems alarming but it is not exactly like that actually it is the sign that you must consult a doctor regarding this matter. It is like an alarm which is making you conscious about your health and respiratory tract issues. In this article I am going to write about the factors causing black mucus and the treatments related to black mucus.


    If there is no obvious cause of any infection or disease and black mucus is coming then consult to doctor as soon as possible and seek for immediate meditation if chills, cold and fever is also happening with this black mucus.

    Reasons or factors causing the coughing up of black mucus are as follows:


    There are some diseases which occur due to old blood and they result in black mucus. List of these diseases are as follows:
    • Tuberculosis
    • Pulmonary disorder
    • COPD (emphysema or bronchitis)
    • Cancer

    People who work in coal mines usually suffer from anthrosilicosis which is also known by name of black lung disease. Coal miners also become victims of another respiratory disease which is known as pneumoconiosis and both of these diseases result in production of black mucus in respiratory tract.


    Children are fond of eating junk food and this food can be the reason of black mucus such as when children eat licorice or chocolate and if they become victim of cough then these dark food items color come in mucus as covering and appear as black mucus. Actually it happens because of the food items which come back in throat as result of sneezing and coughing.


    Environmental factors can be the reason of coughing up black mucus such as people who live in areas where beryllium exposure is in large quantity suffer from coughing which results in production of black mucus. Similarly firefighters who have the job to save people from clouds of smoke caused by fierce fire also become victim of this disease because they remain black clouds all the day. So these environmental hazards can be the reason of black mucus.


    People with compromised immune system suffer from black mucus because fungal infections penetrate in their bodies and this thing result in diseases like aspergillosis and mucormycosis. Pneumonia and chronic sinusitis of specific types can also result in black mucus.


    Continuous inhaling of smoke can result in occurrence of black mucus. Sometimes an accident of fierce fire occurs and people who inhaled that smoke can be victim of black mucus. Similarly after bomb blast or air crash fire lit on and because of this fire, clouds of smoke begin to rise and this smoke can be the reason of black mucus. Main and primary reason of smoke in our environments is due to smoking, a smoker become victim of brown mucus in first phase and then tinged black. Exact reason of black mucus happens after inhaling marijuana. Aluminum content is present in both marijuana smoke and tobacco smoke and this thing is the ultimate reason of black mucus.


    Children do a lot of mischiefs such as they insert objects in their nasals for fun and some part of these objects got stuck in their nasal cavities which causes blockage and these objects are basically known as foreign bodies. Because of the blockage of these foreign bodies black drainage occurs from nasal cavities and they also causes blockage in other substances and results in black mucus and as they are left undetected they causes severe infection and these severe infections results in black mucus.


    Dust and dirt particles are the elements which everyone has to face in their environments. For instance when we do cleaning these particles goes into our nasals and then causes respiratory mucus. Similarly there is some desert like areas where due to fierce winds dust and dirt happens in environments and people in that environment suffer from blockage in their nose and when they blow up their nose, black mucus expel out. We can also say that air pollutions are the cause of black mucus.

    • Drink plenty of water if you are suffering from black mucus, use steam to lighten the thick black mucus and take a deep breath during coughing this thing can also reduce the production of black mucus. Rinsing nasals can also expel out black mucus and can make respiratory tract better.
    • To avoid environmental hazards you must use face mask. Face mask is also an ultimate protection against air pollution which everyone has to face when they go out. Face mask is necessary to avoid dust and dirt particles.
    • To fight against fungal infection is also necessary for the treatment of black mucus. For this take care of cleanliness and for fresh air install HEPA filters. These filters can improve quality of air around your surroundings.
    • To get a relief from this black stuff mucus, smoking must be eliminated from society because smoking is no doubt injurious for the person who smokes but also for other people who breathe in smoky environment.
    • If you are suffering from fatal diseases such as Asthma and pneumonia you must take care of everything to avoid black mucus and these health hazards are cleanliness, proper diet and to perform activities which lighten the thick black mucus.

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