Facts About Diabetes Mellitus Type 3 !

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    Type 3 diabetes is a fallout of type 2 diabetes, but sadly very little is know about type 3 diabetes. Though type 3 diabetes is not as well researched as type 1 and type 2 diabetes, Dr. S V Madhu, Secretary, RSSDI (Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India) to helps us decode the basis of type 3 diabetes and the causes of this type of diabetes.

    What is type 3 diabetes?

    Type 1 diabetes is hereditary and type 2 diabetes is due to lifestyle changes, type 3 diabetes is linked to the brain. This is what Dr. S V Madhu has to say, “Certain parts of the body secrete insulin within the body. When the brain is resistant to the body generated insulin than it is termed as Type 3 Diabetes.”

    Causes of type 3 diabetes

    Unfortunately we are still not sure, what are the causes of type 3 diabetes. “No one is very clear about the cause of type 3 diabetes,” says the doctor.

    Symptoms of type 3 diabetes

    “The symptoms of type 3 diabetes are common like other diabetes. But when we see the brain dysfunction coupled with memory loss than it is type 3 diabetes,” explains Dr. S V Madhu. If diabetics experience memory loss, it is important to consult a doctor immediately.

    Treatment for type 3 diabetes

    Type 3 diabetes treatment is not different from treating other types of diabetes. “The patient of type 3 diabetes will be treated like any other diabetes patient,” says Dr. S V Madhu, Secretary, RSSDI.

    Risk factors for type 3 diabetes

    Obesity is one of the causes of diabetes, and it is also linked to type 3 diabetes. Dr. S V Madhu informs, “We can say that those who are obese or predisposed to type 2 diabetes are likely to develop type 3.”



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    Type 1 DM isn't hereditary but type 2 is.

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