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Fetus On Women Abdomen For 15 Years – ‘The Stone baby’

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Medicos, Jan 3, 2019.

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    This weird story came from India where 52 years old women was found to have a dead fetus (Stone Baby) in her abdomen for the past 15 years.

    Oh! ’15’ Years!

    Story began on 15 years back, when she had terminated pregnancy after obstetrician and gynecologist have confirmed that they have successfully aborted the baby.

    Since then she was suffered from abdominal pain and treated with just pain killers / Analgesics by various doctor. Her clinical condition was worsened with time and finally began to vomit continuously until doctors found a ‘fully grown stone baby’ on an abdominal scan.

    This dead calcified fetus was blocking her intestines which lead to profuse vomiting.

    Dr. Nilesh Junankar successfully removed the Stone Baby from her abdomen by a two-hour open laparotomy surgery on November 23.

    Who Is Stone Baby ? (Lithopedion)
    Stone Baby (Lithopedion) is a rare phenomenon which occurs most commonly when a fetus dies during an abdominal pregnancy and too large to absorb into the female body. This dead fetus is calcified with the time forming a giant Calcified fetus called Stone Baby.

    Till the date, there are only about 300 cases of Stone babies that have been recorded in the past 400 years.

    Surprisingly in those several cases, the women became pregnant a second time and gave birth to children without any clinical problems.

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