Five Weird Medicine Practices You Didn’t Knew Existed

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    Ear candles
    Ear candling is a practice in which a hollow candle is inserted into the external auditory canal and lit, with the patient lying on the opposite ear.

    People who do ear candling claim that it can treat sinusitis, sinus pain, tinnitus, vertigo, and otitis media. ear candling is an odd way to remove wax. Try this if you are ok with a lit candle close to your face. The melted wax could burn you and there will be no wax and no you!!

    Evidence exists that shows the art of ear candling was practiced as early as 2500 BC. Parchment scrolls found in the Orient, have described the procedure used then, very much the same as used today. Egyptians and other ancient cultures, such as the Hopi Indians of America, have also described using ear candles for removal of stubborn ear wax. It certainly is fuming treatment method. upload_2019-9-13_12-55-26.png


    Bleeding the bad blood (by old beliefs all diseased were caused by bad blood, I agree inflammatory mediators are doing rounds in your blood when you are sick) was the most practiced technique since first century. People used their wives (yes wives), sharks, leeches and direct cut from knife to get bad blood out of their system. Some doctors practiced blood letting like there was no tomorrow, some of their patients never saw tomorrow. In modern medicine bloodletting is used in polycythemia Vera and iron overload conditions, our ancestors were not all wrong you see.

    Brain slicing can get you all sane!

    That’s what our smart ancestors used to think, so they practiced lobotomy with very elegant skill. They used to insert ice picking tool through eye socket and protruding end was stuck with hammer. This way good chunk of crazy making brain would come out, and allegedly make person sane. Interesting to know that the lobotomy is labeled as worst medical mistake to ever take place, but back in the 1920s to the 1950s it was “normal” to subject someone that was diagnosed with a mental illness to this procedure. John F. Kennedy’s sister Rosemary Kennedy was given a lobotomy to control her “moodiness.” Rosemary had been known to have a violent behavioral pattern, but lobotomy left her with infantile mental status. Never try it on someone to make them sane, you might become insane with the outcomes. upload_2019-9-13_12-57-14.png

    Egg shell and Soap diet

    Joanna Stephens got bladder stone blowing idea in 1738, and she could influence British government too. British Government paid £5000 for her recipe to cure bladder stones; it is equivalent of £650,000 today. The powder consisted of eggshells, the decoction boiled herbs, soap, and honey. She published her recipe in the London Gazette on 16th June 1739. You can try it, if it doesn’t dissolve your bladder stones, it surely will wash (I mean corrode) your intestinal epithelium.


    Earth bath

    Do you want to live for hundred years!

    Try this 1780s earth bath by James Graham. Dirt cheap isn’t it. All you must do is, get buried up to your neck in earth. Mud bath and mud-based facial is something you know about, but do you know in 18th century James Graham advocated earth bath as medical treatment of “all diseases”, yes you read it right All diseases.

    In his one of the publication “ A short treatise on the all-cleansing, all-healing, all-vigorating qualities of the earth” in 1790, He recommended “immersing or placing the naked Human Body, up to the chin, or lips, or rather covered up over the head, but leaving the eyes and nose uncovered for seeing and breathing freely, in fresh dug up Earth, or in the Sand of the Sea-shore, for three, six, or twelve hours at one time, and repeatedly. He also lectured buried up to the neck once. Give earth bath a try, hope you aren’t afraid of earthly creatures!!
    Priyanga Singh is medical doctor specialized in Pathology and obsessed (may be possessed) cartoonist, check out her website for fun filled medical education material. You can follow Creative-Med-Doses on Facebook and Twitter.

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