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Food that Help Boost Metabolism

Discussion in 'Dietetics' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jul 28, 2013.

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    Last time I talked about vitamins and supplements that help with your metabolism, now lets talk about foods that boost your metabolism. You are probably thinking you will have to get a long list or prepare hard to make foods, but it is very simple. Yes, even if you are approaching 40 like me.

    Lets start with fruits. Apples and pears, which are high in fiber, helps you to feel full longer and eat less. You should eat around 3 of either one of them a day. You could start your day with a grapefruit, if you like them, I don't, so I will pick something else. Grapefruit is high in vitamin C and helps lower your insulin levels , which raise your metabolism. Bananas are high in vitamins B's, and niacin. They help with oxygen flow to the muscles and raises energy levels. My favorite snack is bananas and peanut butter. Protein to curb your appetite and iron, B's, etc. for energy. Its perfect!

    Next, lets talk about veggies. Eating veggies in their raw state use more energy to digest than cooked veggies. So, a nice fresh salad for lunch (dressing on the side of course) can help boost your metabolism. broccoli is very high in calcium and riboflavin, which has been known to increase metabolism. I love broccoli and you can eat it in so many different ways like raw, steamed, and even blended in a smoothie. Yes, you can even put cheese on it, it will give a little extra boost of calcium, just don't overload it.

    One I never thought of was soup. It is full of veggies and liquids. The combination of them both helps you to feel satisfied. It is a natural appetite surppressant.

    For dinner, you can have your choice of lean meats like chicken, turkey, and red meat. Yes, you can even have red meat, that is lean cuts. I love steak! It is very good for you despite what all the gurus say. It is high in iron, magnesium and protein. Iron helps to move oxygen to the muscles which raises your metabolism. The protein keeps you full longer and feeds and nourishes your muscles. Chicken and turkey are low in fat and high in protein. Turkey is becoming more popular because of the higher prices of chicken.

    There are few things you can snack on like low fat yogurt. Yogurt is high in calcium which helps in weight loss. It is also high in protein, too. Oatmeal is a wonderful food. It is high in fiber, that helps to lower cholesterol and it keeps you full longer and gives you energy to get through some of your toughest workouts.

    One of the most important food or substance that raises your metabolism is water. Water helps to surppress your appetite and it flushes out toxins and sodium, which can make you feel bloated. To make it even better try ice cold water. The body has to raise the temperature of the water up to your core temperature, which raises your metabolism.

    Finally, if you like it hot, then turn up the heat. I swear by this and I believed this helped me a lot were hot peppers. I use to put hot sauce on everything and ate jalapenos raw. I loved them! You don't have to do all that, but adding alittle heat to a dish will help to raise your internal temperature. Hot peppers have a chemical called capsaicin. Capsaicin has been known to release stress hormones. This process is caused you to burn more calories by speeding up your metabolism.

    There are a few more like brown rice and almonds that helps also. See, it isn't that bad. You can still eat good things and lose weight. Everything in moderation. Just go easy on the dressings, cheese and butter and you can be satisfied.


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