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For Expansion: Saudi German Hospital in Aseer is Hiring

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Faculty Of Medicine, Nov 24, 2019.

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    Saudi German Hospital in Saudi Arabia (Aseer branch) is hiring doctors in different specialties, you can apply online through our free healthcare jobs portal.

    Saudi German Hospitals Group Available Vacancies:

    The following positions :
    1- Anesthesia Specialist
    2- Audiology Specialist
    3- Andrology Sr. Registrar (Male only)
    4- Andrology Specialist (Male only)
    5- Dermatology Sr. Registrar (Female only)
    6- Dermatology Specialist (Female only)
    7- ICU Specialist
    8- Internal Medicine Specialist
    9- OB/Gyne Specialist (Female only)
    10- Pediatric Sr. Registrar
    11- Psychiatry Sr. Registrar
    12- Psychiatry Specialist
    13- Rheumatology Specialist
    14- Vascular Consultant
    15- Denat Endodontist Sr. Registrar (Preferred Female)
    16- Dental Endodontist Specialist (Preferred Female)
    17- Dental Oral Surgery Sr. Registrar (Preferred Female)
    18- Dental Oral Surgery Specialist (Preferred Female)

    General Qualification:
    • Consultant: at least 5 yrs of experience after MD/PHD
    • Sr. Registrar: at least 1 yrs of experience after MD/PHD
    • Specialist: at least 3 yrs of experience after Master Degree (grades very good in any Master or Bachelor)

    How To Apply:
    In co-operation between FacMedicine the largest forum for verified doctors on the web and Saudi German Hospitals Group, you can apply easily and for free through our website in 2 steps:

    Step 1: Register here as a doctor with a valid verification document: , you can skip this step if you are already a member in FacMedicine.

    Step 2:
    Apply for the job and upload your CV:


    -Please wait till your CV is uploaded, if you close your browser before completely uploading it, it will not be sent to the hospital.

    - Dont forget to add your contact information in your CV.

    - This job offer has been added to our jobs portal by Mrs Mai Fathy recruitment specialist at Saudi German Hospitals Group, all resumes will be sent to her automatically once uploaded.

    - FacMedicine Jobs Portal is a free platform for the hospitals and doctors, if you are representing any hospital you can add your job offer through our website for free to be shared with our 9 million visitors yearly and our 1.4 million Facebook fans.

    - For HCPs: You can also apply for job offers by other hospitals HERE


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