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For Medical Students: 20 Pearls To Honor Every Clinical Rotation

Discussion in 'Hospital' started by The Good Doctor, May 23, 2022.

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    With medical school graduation on the horizon, I wanted to share my pearls for success for any clinical rotation.

    1. Integrate yourself into your team and be engaged in all patient care.

    2. Ask questions and be motivated to learn.

    3. Follow up on patients without being asked.

    4. Be the “extra” pair of hands to help the team.

    5. Be proactive in picking up new patients.

    6. Come up with solid differentials and plans before presenting to your attending.

    7. Start every day with energy and enthusiasm.


    8. Write the discharge summaries for your patients and share them with your residents.

    9. Anticipate discharge needs for your patients and work with social work and case management.

    10. Always ensure that the team is updated on the status of your patients.

    11. Learn how to call consults and how to discuss patients with consultants.

    12 Use appropriate language to make sure your patients understand their care plans. Explain the plan in a detailed and easy-to-understand manner.

    13. Do not be shy about expressing any concerns or questions.

    14. Advocate for your patients. Find ways to get your patients all the assistance they need.

    15. Provide compassionate care to your patients.

    16. Consistently review the plan of care and make changes as needed.

    17. Be prepared for rounds, come early, and chart review to give pertinent updates about each patient.

    18. Speak with the patients’ overnight nurses before pre-rounding.

    19. Be comprehensive yet concise with your presentations during rounds.

    20. Treat everyone with respect.

    Your goal is to perform at the level of an intern by the time you graduate. Best of luck!


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