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German Dentist Pulls Out The World's Longest Tooth Measuring 1.46 Inches

Discussion in 'Dental Medicine' started by Mahmoud Abudeif, Nov 2, 2019.

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    A German dentist has been certified as having extracted the longest tooth in history - measuring 1.46 inches (3.72cm).

    Dr Max Lukas, from Offenbach - just outside of Frankfurt, pulled out the 'unbelievably long' tooth last year from a patient in severe pain.

    He has now been awarded the Guinness World Record for his feat, with the tooth just 5mm bigger than the previous biggest.

    Dr Lukas treated Mijo Vodopija last September. X-rays showed the Croatian man had an unusually large tooth, which caused his upper jaw to swell.

    He told the Frankfurter Neue Zeitung that treatment was 'not possible' and it had to be extracted as quickly as possible.

    The German newspaper reported Mr Vodopija, whose age and occupation were not revealed, was relieved to be to rid of his pain.

    It also added that it took Dr Lukas a year to be accepted into the Guinness Book of World Records.

    He needed the consent of Mr Vodopija, a report in a medical journal, and had to have the size of the tooth reviewed by an independent expert.

    Dr Lukas now wants to hang the certificate, when he gets it, in his dental surgery. He is also believed to still have the record-breaking tooth.

    Doctors in India previously held the world record for extracting the longest tooth. It measured 1.44 inches (3.67cm).

    Dr Jaimin Patel pulled out the tooth of the then 18-year-old student in February 2017 -but he was only awarded the record five months later.

    The owner of the tooth - Urvil Patel - asked dentists to remove his 'elephant canine', which left him too embarrassed to smile.


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