Get rid of Fungi .

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    It's very irritable to you to have a fungal infection and you feel uncomfortable to that as it causes many symptoms like itching and redness at the place of injury, peeling the skin , heavy hair loss , disturbing odors especially the fungal infection of the feet or sensitive ares in the body such as female vagina and it also causes some white discharge .
    It's very important to know the treatment of this infection to manage it as fast as possible. There are many treatments for fungal infections whether domestic or non domestic , but the natural medicinal herbal treatment proves its worth in treatment and the most important house hold items treated with fungus of all kinds include: the white vinegar which is mixed with a little water then rub the skin in it fro twenty to thirty minutes a day until the are heals completely. use baking soda to rub it between your toes or your hands for fifteen minutes a day.
    Onion is very well know as anti fungal . it is excellent for scalp fungus the patient cuts the onion and rub it thoroughly in the scalp for 20 to 25 minutes daily from the top of the scalp to the bottom. wash the scalp with warm water to get rid of the scalp. repeat this process three times a week.
    There are two recipes that help to get rid of skin fungi :
    the first one is to mix a large tablespoons of black seed oil with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar , a small teaspoon of yellow sulfur powder and a little honey. mix the ingredients well with each other.
    the second recipe for skin fungi is ti mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoon of water and a small teaspoon of soft salt and mix the ingredients all together and placed on the site of infection and used this mixture daily until the fungi completely disappear.

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