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Get Rid of Symptoms of High Cholesterol in Men

Discussion in 'Cardiology' started by Medicopk, Jun 5, 2012.

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    Cholesterol is a fatty substance that your body needs to repair its cells and manufacture certain hormones. Once absorbed, it’s transported to the different tissues of the body by blood. A small amount of cholesterol is required to meet the needs of your body. However, too much cholesterol in the body can be detrimental to your health. You could develop certain diseases and present with high cholesterol symptoms. High cholesterol symptoms are very common and affects both women and men.
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    Therefore, it is important for people to take ablood test, so the doctor can simply prescribe you with the right medicationsand treatments. Symptoms of highcholesterol in men may occur after the men are over 20. Usually, as the menage, the risk factor for high cholesterol is naturally increasing as theirlifestyles change, too. In the other words, lifestyle plays a major role inpromoting the risk factor for high cholesterol.
    Symptoms of high cholesterol in men can be more severe if they arenot treated properly. There are actually a number of common symptoms of high cholesterol in menthat include peripheral vascular disease, heart or coronary disease, andstroke. Those conditions are actually the more severe high cholesterol symptoms.

    To avoid those kinds of conditions, it is important for you to always checkyour health by taking a blood test and a cholesterol test. Besides, it isalways important for you to consult your problems with your doctor to get theprescription of right medication and treatment. Now, let’s talk about thesymptoms may be caused by too much bad cholesterols in the blood.

    What Causes High Cholesterol Symptoms

    Ldl cholesterol carried in the bloodstream can build fatty deposits around the inner walls of your bloodstream. As time passes, these form scars. Additionally, Ldl stimulates cell proliferation within the inner wall of the blood vessels resulting in the reduction in their diameter. The combination of plaque formation and decrease in diameter results in clogging of the blood vessels. Very Often, the coronary arteries of the heart become blocked.

    The entire process of the arteries becoming clogged is known as atherosclerosis. People suffering from this condition may develop chest pain among various other high cholesterol symptoms. High amounts of Ldl cholesterol accelerates plaque formation and raises the chance of cardiac event. High cholesterol symptoms usually are not always present. Very often, an opportunistic blood test may reveal the issue. Then they learn they also have high blood pressure.

    If high cholesterol symptoms are not adequately diagnosed, you might find yourself with the associated complications. To sum up, two important high cholesterol symptoms that will warn you that something is wrong are angina along with a sore calf. The main complications caused by high cholesterol are heart disease and stroke.

    The most common symptom of a heart attacking both men and women is some type

    Other Symptoms of HighCholesterol in Men

    There are actually other symptoms of high cholesterol in men,including chest pain, shortness in breath, yellow patches around the eyes,migraine, white arc in the cornea, and so on.
    chest pain, shortness in breath,rapid heartbeat may be associated with heart disease which is caused by theblockage in the artery walls connected to the heart. As mentioned earlier, ifthese conditions are left untreated, they can promote the risk of more severeheart disease and heart attack.

    It also means that it is important for you totake the right treatment in advance if you want to get rid of symptoms of high cholesterol in men.
    Yellow patches around the eyesare also physical symptoms of highcholesterol in men. The yellow patches indicate the high levels of badcholesterol in your blood. Therefore, as soon as you find yellow patches aroundyour eyes, it is really important for you to visit your doctor in order to getthe right medication and treatment to maintain this kind of condition.
    Otherthan yellow patches around the eyes, white arc in the cornea is also one of thephysical symptoms of high cholesterol inmen. However, this kind of condition may occur to people with inheritedhigh cholesterol. In addition, it is a kind of rare case. Since genetic factoris an uncontrollable factor, people with this kind of condition are recommendedto take special medications and treatments to maintain the condition.

    Get Rid of Symptoms of High Cholesterol in Men

    There are many factors able toincrease the risk for symptoms of high cholesterol in men. One of the most common factors is the dietary habit. Ifyour diet is high is saturated fat, you have more risk factors for elevatedcholesterol levels.
    Saturated fats can be found in meat and full fat dairyproducts. Foods with high saturated fats can raise the LDL or bad cholesterolin your blood.
    Other than that, you can also get a large amount of dietarycholesterol in eggs and organ meats. As men age, they tend to have more risksfor symptoms of high cholesterol in men.
    When they consume too much saturated fats, they can increase the level of badcholesterol (LDL) and also can reduce the level of good cholesterol (HDL).
    It is known that the symptoms of high cholesterol in men canbe caused by poor dietary habit. Therefore, it is important to perform healthyand well balanced diet in order to get rid of high cholesterol symptoms. Otherthat, lack of exercise can also cause high cholesterol which can lead to highblood pressure and heart disease. Therefore, if you want to get rid of symptoms of high cholesterol in men, itis important to exercise regularly on a daily basis because exercisingregularly can boost the levels HDL or good cholesterol in your blood.

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    I will mention that a diet regime rich in high- fat, high cholesterol meals can cause heart illness along with other wellness difficulties. Fats and cholesterol have a tendency to group together and adhere to arterial blood vessels, bringing about constrained circulation of blood. A change in your food selection clear of whole-fat dairy, eggs and steak to grains, fruit and vegetables, nuts and healthy oils can help lower fat and cholesterol and enhance your overall wellness.

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    Thanks for your sharing.

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