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Discussion in 'Medical Students Cafe' started by semran, May 20, 2011.

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    I am Semran u can call me Sem

    I want to take ur opinion about some thing : I donot like that we not deal with patients(in contactwith them) unlike our clleges of physio therapy faculty and faculty of dentistry , they are in contact relation with patient more than us , we see small number of cases and all the other just slides.

    So i feel disappointing when i know that my frinds in detistry or physio therapy are treating patients and in contact with them

    And they will end their studies more earlier than me in my faculty we careabout collecting marks from written exams

    And u what do u think about that?

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    Hello Sem.

    I used to think the same as you, my school system is similar, although sometimes I think I understand why, in the first grades we usually consider basic materials to help us to understand the patolology and most advanced signatures, where and will be required physical examination and knoledge at the time to see our patient, I think we can not reach advanced semesters if we don't have the knowledge. at the same time, we can't see patients if we are not prepared

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    I was thinking about that too at my first year, but after time goes by, I know. In my country, nursery student could in contact with patient sooner than medical student. It because they speciality to help doctor handling patient really needed, they did it but they don't really learn deeply about why we did it or something like that. Medical student, need to learn more about basic, so when we meet patient face to face you can handling patient and explain about your cure as well :). Although it's need pretty longer time, but it really needed for our competence as a future doctor :) and it will help us to work together with the patient, nurse, and pharmacist ^^

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