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Hair Transplantation FAQs

Discussion in 'Dermatology' started by Egyptian Doctor, Oct 27, 2013.

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    With increased rates of baldness, many people are searching for ways to rectify the problem. One of the most effective ways of correcting the problem is by undergoing hair transplantation surgery. If you are considering the surgery, here are some of the FAQs.

    Why am I losing hair on top of the head and not at the sides?

    In medical terms, the top of the head is known as the balding zone or the Alopecic zone. You are bound to witness more hair loss on the balding zone because hair growing at this zone is susceptible to hormones that cause baldness. The common hormones that cause baldness are: testosterone, androgens and DHT. Due to the susceptibility of the hair (at the front of the head) to these hormones, hair is easily lost resulting to baldness.

    On the other hand, hair on the sides and back of the head is genetically immune to testosterone, androgen and DHT hormones; therefore, it's not lost.

    How is the procedure done?

    The procedure is done by a qualified surgeon, and it's done under anesthesia. The procedure basically involves hair transplantation from the back (balding zone) to the front. Two main techniques for hair transplantation are: FUE and Strip Harvesting.

    FUE is an acronym for follicular Unit Extraction. In this procedure, hair is extracted and transplanted as individual follicular units. No sutures are required and recovery is very fast.

    In the strip harvesting method, a strip of hair (bearing a one centimeter wide skin) is extracted from the permanent zone. The obtained hair is dissected into individual follicular units. Dissection of the hair is done under a microscope. Unlike in FUE, in strip harvesting, sutures are required. Also, the procedure takes longer to heal.

    How long does the procedure last?

    The length of time taken to complete the procedure solely relies on the on the amount of hair that needs to be transplanted. Usually, most surgeons will transplant up to 2500 grafts in a day. If the extent of your baldness requires 2500 grafts, the procedure will be completed in one day. However, if your baldness requires more grafts to be made, you need several days in hospital.

    Is the procedure painful?

    No, the procedure is not painful. Prior to the procedure, patients are given local anesthesia and nerve blocks to ensure minimal or no pain. In fact, the procedure is pain free such that patients watch movies, TV or simply chat throughout the procedure.

    How long does it take to heal?

    In most people, the healing process is usually a matter of days. The bandage that is usually tied after completion of the procedure is removed on the second day. Although, there might be some swelling on the forehead for several days, the scabs on the scalp usually fall off within ten days.

    Will the transplanted hair look natural and permanent?

    Yes. The transplanted hair is obtained from your body; therefore, it's the same as your natural hair. Since the transplanted hair is resistant to hormones that cause baldness, it will continue growing permanently.



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