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Have You Been Brushing Your Teeth Wrong All Your Life? Here's What You Need To Know...

Discussion in 'Dental Medicine' started by Ghada Ali youssef, Jan 31, 2017.

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    Maybe you were never taught proper oral hygiene methods, and if that’s the case like it is for millions, you’ve probably been brushing your teeth wrong your whole life. This gallery is full of helpful tips for maintaining oral hygiene and includes the following:
    • The proper way to angle the bristles against your teeth
    • How long to wait after eating to brush
    • When to buy a new toothbrush
    Proper oral hygiene methods are essential for maintaining optimal health. Decaying teeth and gums is connected with diabetes and an unhealthy heart.

    1. Don’t skip on brushing your tongue, inner cheeks lips, and the roof of your mouth. You may be surprised to learn that those areas tend to accumulate a lot of bacteria, and gargling isn’t necessarily sufficient to get rid of it.

    2. Remember that whitening toothpaste can be harsh on your enamel. You may want to stick to a regular fluoride toothpaste, or find a whitening paste that’s recommended by your dentist.

    3. Wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth after you eat. It’s best to wait 30 minutes after brushing to prevent acids in the food you ate from eating at your enamel.

    4. Brush up and down in short strokes and tilt your brush 45 degrees toward your gums, and do it gently.

    5. Clean out your brush regularly. Sometimes food particles get stuck in the bristles. Don’t just leave them there to rot and continue to use the toothbrush.

    6. The way to know if you’re brushing too hard is to look at your teeth afterward. Is there still a lot of plaque and junk in your teeth? If so, you may be brushing too soft or using an inaccurate method.

    7. Some experts say don’t brush your teeth more than three times per day. Over three times may be considered overdoing it.

    8. Another way to over-brush your teeth is to brush too long. You only need to brush for two minutes at a time.

    9. Try not to keep your toothbrush near the toilet, and make sure to flush with the seat down. Every time you flush the toilet, particles from the flush fly up into the air and land on the objects in the bathroom.

    10. Don’t forget to replace your toothbrush every so often. Some experts suggest every three or four months is okay.

    11. Another great brushing strategy is to divide up your mouth into quadrants, and spend approximately 30 seconds on brushing each quadrant.

    12. Soft bristles are the best for your teeth. Try avoid using medium or hard bristles because they tend to wear off your enamel faster, and may be harsh on your gum line even with gentle brushing.



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