High Fevers and Fainting: The First Side Effects of New Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Revealed

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    Countries are currently battling it out to see who can successfully trial the new coronavirus vaccine and save the world from the current health crisis it is facing. However, creating a vaccine is not a simple or quick process and so far adverse side effects include fainting and high fevers.


    THERE are currently four separate studies which act as the main contenders for a coronavirus vaccine, two are located in China, one in the United States and another in the United Kingdom.

    Some of these studies have reached the third and final phase of clinical testing. In this phase, volunteers are given test doses and their reactions to the vaccine are monitored.

    The vaccine developed by the Vaccine Research Centre of the USA and Modern company has already begun human trials and unfortunately, one 29-year-old named Ian Haydon has had a severe reaction to the dose. According to the STAT medical journey, only 12 hours later he developed a high fever of over 39.5º.

    His fever was so high that he had to go to the medical centre and after he was discharged from the emergency department he fainted and passed out.


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