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How Achievable Course Can Help You To Ace USMLE Step 1 Exam

Discussion in 'USMLE' started by Madeline Elabd, Jun 21, 2021.

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    Starting your journey with USMLE exams needs a good companion, and there is no better companion than your USMLE prep course. If you are still looking for one, Achievable course is right here for you.

    The Achievable method is particularly special for its ‘adaptive learning’ which is a personalized learning style. Meaning that Achievable will not only track your progress, but also will learn about you and personalize the study program based on your strengths and weakness to ensure that you comprehend the studied material most effectively. Like a personal trainer tracking your performance.

    Solidifying your short-term memory to the long-term one needs constant ‘spaced repetition’. Achievable gives you that through the daily homework, weekly assignments, and semesterly exams. Guaranteeing anchored memory and sparing you the time spent making study schedules.

    Having a sneak peek to the website you will see that there are two sections of your progress dashboard. One is for ‘content progress’ which tracks how much of the content you have studied. And the other one is ‘memory progress’ which will track your memory of the topics you have studied.

    What is better than having all these features? It is having them on your smartphone! Achievable is available to use on smartphones or tablets and all the progress is synced to the server. So, feeling bored in a meeting or having a long ride in the bus? Use this time checking your review material or reading doing questions to refresh your memory. Achievable questions bank has more than 1,400+ questions so you can quickly drill the key facts for any particular chapter.

    Studying for USMLE has been made easier with Achievable, start now and enjoy your study journey.

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