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How Can CSEVideos Help You ?

Discussion in 'USMLE' started by Csevideo, Dec 17, 2012.

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    We offer 48 videos with standardized patients that are difficult and offer challenging questions per case. The updated patient notes encompass all the diagnostic materials you will need for the current CS,COMLEX OR USCE TRAINING. We offer an audio program that includes a multitude of cases and system reviews. We offer physical exam videos for each system. In addition to an assessment exam to test your knowledge of the case and ability to master the patient note. The program is designed to assist you in mastering all the current components of the CS exam. Each membership includes all of these services

    We have nearly a 100% pass rate. The students who do not pass the exam using our products it is usually do to an extreme challenge in the Spoken English proficiency. So We have recently partnered with a tutoring company and now offer study partners, standardized patients and SEP tutoring for additional discounted fees only when you order one of the membership. These services are available via skype.

    If you need additional assistance please let us know.
    Thank you

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