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How Can Doctors Make Extra Money?

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by shahinda saed, Sep 6, 2019.

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    In some countries medicine is not a career to make a lot of money, you will contribute to people relief but as a financial situation, you will make the best. There are extra ways to make parallel income with your income from a medical career. You don’t have to be gynecologist or dermatologist or nutrition specialized to earn good money

    Best Ways To Increase Your Income

    Make Side Work

    Don’t depend on your medical job to take in all your income. Take on a pair of night shifts each month, or work as a freelancer in the weekends or spare time. The opportunities for this are plenteous, and there are many types of work either medical or commercial

    Certainly, give some time for your family and friends, as well as yourself and your own emotional and physical health. But consider exchange TV time, boring social media scrolling, or common happy hours for time spent on extra income-producing doings.

    Work In Administrative &Managerial Roles

    Administrative work as a doctor sets you up for more senior leadership positions. Advanced salary tends to follow.

    Do Your best to take a role in the administration, if the opportunity didn’t come from itself create it by yourself. Talk with your managers to recommend you in any upcoming chance

    Work In Fast-Growing Firm

    When you are applying for a new job don’t think for the current situation, think for the future if it is growing firm or not if they have a good vision to be able to get promoted with a better salary in the future

    You’re much more likely to see a better jump in compensation with promotion than with a simple increase that comes with a repetitive review or cost of living adjustment. Be sure this will be an option for you.

    Search Always For A Better Job

    If you had a promotion in the same firm you work for would be less for sure the raise you can get if you are hired in a new one, the percentage could be 20% much more in the new company

    You are not obligated to get a new job every day, but the change is a natural matter in an ascending career journey

    Establish an area of expertise

    Choose an area of expertise you like the most and improve your skills in it.

    Get more education

    To get more advanced studies after long years of medicine could be hard but maybe good a solution to make money

    MBA: a good way to work in business

    MPH: Expansion for your information and aids in population health, epidemiology, and other public health fields will make you more interesting for an extensive range of healthcare jobs.

    Certified Physician Executive: This will recommend you to go jobs in management.

    Always negotiate your salary

    Some extra negotiations in the interview or annual assessment could make a difference to increase your income

    All of your tips are just suggestions and ideas but our last advice is to follow your passion and master your talents to get the best income you always dream of.


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