How Did Going To Medical School Help You Grow As A Person?

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    This question was originally posted on and was answered by Kyle John, studied Medicine and Healthcare

    Self Directed Learning is a wonderful thing.

    I realized this after sitting through a few lectures, where I could not understand a word the lecturer was saying. This typically takes the form of an anatomical lecture, or perhaps a complicated biochemistry pathway. Topics taught are often dry. I spent time reading lecture notes, deriving nothing out of it.

    Will anyone actually understand this?

    One fine day, while awaiting another class, I went to the library.

    I then chanced upon this book.


    Suddenly, anatomy made sense. I came to understand the meaning of clinically-oriented learning. I skipped the lecture that day because I realized, I was learning more from the book, than from the lecturers.

    Before long, I appreciated that learning means internalizing a new concept that you can apply. You can read all you want, but if you do not understand, it will not register, and you will not learn.

    I realized, in Medical School, it all boils down to finding the right book, understanding the concepts behind it; in Clinical Rotations, to see the significance behind the concepts I have learned in the patient.

    Instead of depending on teachers in the search for knowledge, I started depending on myself.

    That was the start of me being an independent learner.


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